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2020 At Spotlight Reporting: What We Launched

January 11, 2021

While we’re excited to close the chapter on 2020 (phew, what a year!) and head into 2021, we wanted to take a moment to step back and reflect on our progress over the last year. But before we jump in, we want to say thanks for trusting us with your Reporting and Forecasting needs. Your ideas and engagement make Spotlight Reporting what it is, so as always, keep the feedback coming.
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Let’s look back at some of the highlights of what we launched in 2020 🚀

Consolidated Forecasting: The next evolution of cloud cashflow forecasting

Let’s start with the most significant release to land in the last few years: Consolidated Forecasting.

Three years ago, Spotlight was at the forefront of the forecasting revolution, when we created software that let businesses and accountants forecast in the cloud. Now, we've launched the next evolution: Consolidated Forecasting for up to 75 related entities. Get ready to save time, save effort, and give your stakeholders the power to make confident decisions across multiple entities

“This is one of the most significant updates we’ve made to our products. You now have the tools and flexibility you need to provide powerful consolidated forecasts. This is the genuine evolution of forecasting in the cloud.”
- Richard Francis, Spotlight Reporting CEO and CA

Presenting reports remotely in Spotlight

We’re now in a world where we can’t depend on in-person meetings. It’s more important than ever that digital tools enable us to collaborate, share information easily, and continue to wow clients and stakeholders with data-driven insights.

We completely refreshed and reorganised the way you can present Spotlight reports and forecasts remotely so you can help others quickly understand the data behind the decisions. While we were at it, we also took the opportunity to improve the look and feel of the Preview Screen.

Measure what matters with Spotlight Forecasting KPIs & Covenants

We launched KPIs & Covenants in Spotlight Forecasting to strengthen your forecasting capabilities. Now you can quickly surface key performance indicators and loan covenants in one place to help monitor these metrics and to assist with decision making.

“It’s so important to remember the goal of measurement isn’t just to track change over time; it is to manage and plan for the impact of change as well. This is where our new KPIs & Covenants feature and your financial skills come together.”
– Julie Francis, Spotlight Reporting CFO and Forecasting Product Owner

A reimagined, more powerful rankings page

Now, one of your favourite Spotlight Multi report pages is even more powerful with the launch of brand new functionality to help you assess the performance of each entity relative to its peers. We've extended the page with the ability to now rank hundreds of entities, a shiny new KPI builder, and lots more.

Secure your account with Two-Step Authentication

We continually invest in security best practices to ensure that your data stays safe. We added Two-Step Authentication to provide an additional layer of security when logging into your Spotlight Reporting account.

Two-Step Authentication protects your account by supplementing your password with a unique code sent to your phone or email during the login process. Enabling this extra layer of protection means that your data will be more secure.

Bring data to life Auto-Text

For the financially focused sections of your Executive Summary (like Revenue and Bank) use the Auto-Text and Tags features. You can use these to quickly reference financial data from your reports, and each time you run a new report they’ll automatically update to reference the latest data. No more manual updates 🙌  We added several new snippets of Auto-Text as well, so jump into Spotlight Reporting and take a look.

2020 has been a non-stop ride of new features and enhanced functionality. Alongside all this product goodness, we completely refreshed our resources hub and website, hosted 150 webinars, published lots of useful help articles, and saw 1,000 people become Spotlight Certified.

We can’t wait to show you what we’ve got in the pipeline for the year ahead. Stay tuned!

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