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2023 Karbon Excellence Awards: Shortlist Announcement

February 14, 2024

Now in its second year, the Karbon Excellence Awards shortlist for 2023 has been selected.

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The Karbon Excellence Awards recognize some of the most progressive, inspiring and trailblazing accounting firms from around the world. Those that are doing unique things, inspiring their peers, and making a positive impact on the wider accounting profession.

First awarded in 2022, the Karbon Excellence Awards are awarded annually across seven categories that align with the values that matter most to the team at Karbon.

With more than 500 nominations across all categories from hundreds of well-deserving Karbon customers, selecting a shortlist was no easy task. Congratulations to all those nominated. The winners will be announced shortly.

Karbon Excellence Award for Sustainability

Recognizes an accounting firm that is making an outstanding contribution to sustainability practices and is a leader to their peers and clients by being purposeful, community-minded, and kind to the planet.


  • Heaton Vences, UK
  • Rivington Accounts, UK
  • Valjas Services Oy, Finland
  • MAD Wealth, Australia
  • AMLB, Canada
  • Ho Withers & Associates, Australia
  • Tukel, Inc., US

Karbon Excellence Award for Diversity & Authenticity

Recognizes an accounting firm that is championing diversity, equity and inclusion across the accounting profession, and achieves this in a unique, approachable and authentic way.


  • Air Accounting, Australia
  • AMLB, Canada
  • Enkel, Canada
  • TaxAssist Accountants Lincoln, UK
  • Tukel, Inc., US
  • MAD Wealth, Australia
  • System Six, US

Karbon Excellence Award for Balance & Culture

Recognizes an accounting firm that is promoting work-life balance and healthy work habits, as well as using innovative solutions to champion purpose and motivation amongst their teams.


  • Baum CPA LLC, US
  • Fiduciaire Auditoria SA, Switzerland
  • Founder's CPA, US
  • Frank Accounting, New Zealand
  • Inspire Accountants, Australia
  • New Wave Business Solutions Pty Ltd, Australia
  • Zenbooks, Canada
  • Tino-Gaetani & Carusi CPAs, Canada

Karbon Excellence Award for Connectivity

Recognizes an accounting firm that is championing connectivity and embracing openness through innovation with technology, automation and integrated solutions.


  • Aprio, US
  • Gauvreau Accounting Tax Law Advisory, Canada
  • GrowthLab Financial, US
  • HD Davis CPAs, US
  • hiline, US
  • LiveCA, Canada
  • GBA LLP, Canada
  • Lucrum Legal Accounting, US

Karbon Excellence Award for Client Excellence

Recognizes an accounting firm that is demonstrating leadership, innovation and a commitment to excellence in client service.


  • Air Accounting, Australia
  • Ask The Boss, UK
  • Blueprint Accounting, Canada
  • BNA CPAs & Advisors, US
  • CLM Accountants - Advice Centre, Australia
  • Janke LLP, Canada
  • Pescatore Cooper, PL, US
  • Propel Business Group, Australia

Karbon Excellence Award for Breakthrough Firm

This special award honors an accounting firm that demonstrates remarkable achievement within its first year of implementing Karbon. It recognizes the firm's rapid attainment of practice excellence and its commitment to innovation, client service, operational efficiency, collaboration, culture and the wider community.

While there isn’t a shortlist for this category, the winning firm will exemplify the highest standards of professionalism and potential for future growth in the accounting industry.

Karbon Excellence Award for Practice Excellence

The Practice Excellence category is the major award and recognizes an accounting firm that is creating extraordinary outcomes through outstanding leadership and innovation, demonstrated by sustained success and growth.


  • Platform Accounting Group, US
  • Air Accounting, Australia
  • Avalon Accounting, Canada
  • HD Davis CPAs, US
  • 1 Accounts Online, UK
  • Iridium Business Solutions, South Africa
  • Gauvreau Accounting Tax Law Advisory, Canada
  • Aprio, US
  • GrowthLab Financial, US

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