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5 benefits of working with a WorkflowMax software implementation partner

March 5, 2020

Adopting new software can create huge efficiency gains for your business, but implementation requires some upfront work and expertise to ensure you get the results you’re looking for.
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At WorkflowMax, we work with a network of certified IT specialists around the world to own the implementation process from start to finish. Our implementation partners get to know the ins and outs of your business so they can customise WorkflowMax to help you achieve your business goals.

From reviewing your current workflow, to setting up new systems, to ongoing training and support, working with an implementation partner will help you maximise the value you’ll get from WorkflowMax while giving you time back to focus on your business.  

Read on for five benefits businesses can experience when working with an implementation partner to set up WorkflowMax.

1. Huge gains from expertise

WorkflowMax implementation partners are highly skilled at process mapping, workflow optimization, and recommending the right use of technology to help you reach your business goals.

Services offered by our set up partners typically include:

  • Initial assessment to understand existing processes and business goals
  • Developing custom templated processes and solutions for lead management, quoting, jobs, invoicing, reporting, and much more
  • Setting up integrations with accounting, payroll, and other software applications
  • Ongoing training and support for your whole team

Julia Levitt, Director of Sydney-based landscaping studio, Sticks & Stones, found it hugely beneficial to work with Clinton Cowin of Tradiepad to help her get WorkflowMax set up for her business. “He sat down with us and spent the time to really understand our business,” said Julia. “We have a complicated setup and what we required was very particular, so Clinton created custom-made templates and it’s saved us so much time! Knowing everything is under control gives us peace of mind and some valuable time back to do what we do best.”

Bringing in a WorkflowMax implementation partner puts your software setup in expert hands while you focus on doing what you do best – running your business!

2. Leverage industry-specific insight

Our set up partners have a wealth of experience implementing WorkflowMax for businesses in industries ranging from creative agencies, to architecture, to engineering, and more. Some implementation partners even specialize in one vertical – like Tradiepad and the trades and construction sector.

Given their industry insight, implementation partners are able to easily identify workflow inefficiencies that may be common to a particular industry (because they’ve seen them so many times!) and can recommend relevant solutions that are best practice in that industry.

While there are certainly similarities between businesses in the same industry, our implementation partners also know that no two businesses are exactly alike. They work with you to customise WorkflowMax to suit your particular needs, while ensuring you’re aligned with industry benchmarks.

3. Better business insights, faster

Your ability to make informed business decisions depends on the quality of data you have about your business.

WorkflowMax offers robust reporting features, including a custom Report Builder that lets you pull critical insights into almost every aspect of the jobs that you perform. Through a deep understanding of your business, our implementation partners are able to configure WorkflowMax to ensure you’re collecting the correct data points so you can report across all phases of an entire project.

BYU Design, an interior design firm based in Canada, worked with Denny Thompson from Trenchant Business Evolution to set up their custom reports. “Working with Denny to implement and improve WorkflowMax was critical,” says Steve, Studio Director at BYU. “[Denny’s] systematic and logical approach to problems really helped us customise the software to our exact needs. He helped us create custom reports which gave us a true idea of how our projects were going.”

With the right data and the right reports set up from day one, you’re able to leverage key insights to improve business operations project after project.

4. Dedicated training and support

Providing training and support to your team is critical to successfully implement new software at your business. Education is not only important for teaching employees how to use the software and how their current workflows will change, it’s key for getting internal buy-in.

Although team training is such an important piece of the implementation puzzle, it often falls by the wayside to more pressing projects and deadlines, especially if you don’t have sufficient internal resources to reallocate.

Implementation partners provide in-depth training and ensure that your team is supported throughout the whole process, so that everyone feels prepared to adopt new ways of working.  

One of our implementation partners, Will McTavish of Link Solutions, says that supporting businesses in getting their staff on-board and motivated to use the software is a big part of what they do. “One of the biggest challenges when you get into larger organisations is how you get buy-in from the staff. You get the guys on the floor saying, ‘Why are we changing things?’ We help communicate what’s in it for them.”

5. Streamlined processes and systems

One of the most important tasks involved in adopting new software is updating your current systems and processes to work with the new technology. Because you and your team are working in your business everyday, it’s often hard to take a step back and imagine how things could be done differently.

Implementation partners are experts at workflow mapping and system optimization. They provide an objective, third party perspective, and ask tough questions that challenge your status quo.

From identifying redundant processes, to adapting your current workflow to the new technology, to setting up integrations with additional applications (like Xero), WorkflowMax implementation partners connect all the dots and make sure your entire job management system is running as efficiently as possible.

Get set up for success

Find a WorkflowMax implementation partner in your local area and get set up for success right from the start. Each partner is different and offers unique implementation services and packages, so we recommend that you reach out to partners to see if they’re the right fit for your business. If you need any guidance, your WorkflowMax account manager will be more than happy to help find the perfect match!

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