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5 Best Shopify Xero Integration apps to make Accounting easier

December 3, 2021

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Running an online store may not be an easy process. Whether you are selling your products through Shopify or any other e-commerce platform, you are going to need a stable system to manage your finances. This is where Xero comes to help you!

But, how can you connect your Shopify to Xero? With Xero Shopify integration apps, you can sync your Shopify data with Xero online accounts in a simple and reliable way. Let’s get down to look closely at the 5 choices Xero Shopify apps and find your own suitable one!

1. Xero Integration by AllFetch

Xero Shopify Integration by AllFetch

As an official Xero partner, Xero Integration by AllFetch a reliable and effective tool supporting you to export all vital information directly to your Xero account. So, instead of spending time entering data from one app to another, you can have more time to get back your business and relax.


Automatic synchronization

Whenever changes occur in your Shopify store, this Xero Shopify integration app will automatically reconcile the orders, invoices, customer information, and product database into Xero. So, you do not need to worry about having to manually sync your Shopify payouts anymore.

Furthermore, you can decide when to start your synchronization at your convenience:

  • Automatically sync for the real-time update data from your Shopify store to Xero.
  • Choose a time period that you want to sync your accounting database.

One-time setup

With just a few clicks, you can connect the Shopify Xero app with your current Xero account. Then, every workflow will become seamless and automatic.

Simplified management and synchronization

1. Track your income and invoice at ease.
2. Update transaction status whether your invoice is paid or not.
3. Sort data by days, weeks, months for better analytics
4. Transfer important data from Shopify store to Xero

  • Orders
  • Invoices
  • Gift cards
  • Refunds
  • Products
  • Customers
  • Payments and Tax methods

Payment and tax mapping

  • Setup and sync tax codes from Shopify to Xero Invoices
  • All codes are in compliance with Xero standards.
  • Support different payment methods.


  • Not support multi-currency stores
  • Only sync data from your Shopify store to Xero every period of time: 24 hours, 12 hours, or 3 hours.

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Free plan is available.

Xero Integration by AllFetch pricing

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2. Xero Bridge

Xero Bridge Shopify integration app

As its name suggests, Xero Bridge is a Xero Shopify integration app to integrate your sales data to your Xero account with ease. You can choose to sync all your Customers, Products and Orders to Xero automatically or initiate it yourself.


Customers Synchronization

There are 2 available options for syncing customers data:
– Create an individual customer in Xero for all your Shopify customers.
– Sync all orders under one dummy customer.

Products Synchronization

With Xero Bridge, you can also sync all your products and have a replicated database in Xero exactly like Shopify. The Products data transformation also occurs regularly if automated, or whenever initiated manually.

Tax & Shipping Lines

The Tax lines & Shipping line items can be synchronized to your Xero Account.

Order Synchronization

This Xero Shopify app supports orders sync whatever they are prepaid orders or orders for which payment will be received later. Besides, cancellations & refunds are synced appropriately.


  • No free plan is available.
  • Not support multi-currency stores
  • Only compatible for stores based in or charging in the following countries: Australia, United Kingdom, United States, New Zealand, South Africa, Ireland and Canada.
  • Order limits per month even for the highest-paid plan.

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Xero Bridge pricing

3. Xero Sync by

Xero Shopify app

Whether you are a small business owner or an accountant, the Xero Shopify integration app by helps you improve your Shopify accounting. will automatically export any Shopify payouts or orders, separate out any fees, shipping, gift card income and so on, before transforming into Xero to make reconciling a breeze.


Smart Payout Accounting

This Xero Shopify integration app can reduce all the orders of a payout down to a single invoice while organizing taxable sales, shipping, card fees etc correctly.

Immediate Order Syncing

Your orders are directly sent to Xero. Also, you can customize references, contacts & more. These data will appear in Xero within minutes.

Multicurrency also supports multi-currency storefronts and shops where the payout currency is not your store currency.


  • No free plan is available.
  • Advanced features such as gift cards and multi-currency support are only available in the higher plans.

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Xero Shopify app pricing

4. Xero by OneSaas

Xero Shopify by OneSaaS

OneSaaS – the Xero Shopify integration app focuses on supporting workflows that begin with a transaction. It saves you valuable time and money by automatically sharing data between your Shopify store and Xero.


Support transactions workflow

OneSaaS gives you options for the following workflows:
– When an order is created in your store, create an Invoice in Xero.
– When a product is created in your store, create new Items in Xero
– When stock levels are updated in Xero, update stock levels in your store

Option to add an order number prefix

You can add a prefix to ensure orders from your store have unique numbers to identify their source system.

Options to assign payment methods

OneSaaS supports you to assign different payment methods to different clearing accounts.


  • No free plan is available.
  • Not support multi-currency stores
  • Order limits per month even for the highest-paid plan
  • Only allow syncing 1-month historical data

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Xero Shopify by OneSaaS

2022 Latest Update

With the recent acquisition of OneSaaS by Intuit QuickBooks, this app (is now called OneSaas by Quickbooks) no longer works for Xero users anymore.

The customers who are using OneSaaS to integrate Shopify store data into Xero are now forced to look for alternative solutions!

The customers who are using OneSaaS to integrate Shopify store data into Xero are now forced to look for alternative solutions!

Don’t worry! We get your back!

5. A2X for QuickBooks & Xero Sync

A2X for QuickBooks & Xero Sync

A2X automatically reconciles your payouts from your Shopify store sales to Xero, so you can know your accounting data correctly. This Xero Shopify integration app is designed to streamline your back office and unlock your opportunities in the e-commerce sector.


Support multiple stores

Whether you are selling on one online store or multiple stores, A2X works for all of your stores to deliver you accurate, automated and reconciled accounting.

Give summarised journals

A2Z organizes all your transactions and sends them to Xero in tidy summaries that match your Shopify payments. So you do not need to worry about transactions not matching your bank deposits.


  • No free plan is available
  • Advanced features such as multi-currency and multi-country are only available in the highest plan
  • Order limits per month even for the highest-paid plan

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A2X for QuickBooks & Xero Sync pricing

Final Words

Hope you enjoy our 5 best Xero Shopify integration apps analysis which is carefully nailed down by our testing as well as users rating and reviews.

Obviously, each app has its own strengths and weaknesses. Whatever the app you choose, make sure that it is the most suitable one for your Shopify store.

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