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5 reasons why accountants love SuiteFiles

In 2013, Prince George was born, Pope Benedict XVI resigned, and SuiteFiles integrated with Xero. Since then, SuiteFiles has become a Xero HQ partner and a popular Xero add-on for cloud-based file management. SuiteFiles is now a go-to app, particularly for accountants moving to Xero’s Practice Management platform. But why? What attracts accountants to SuiteFiles? We decided to ask some of our customers...
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What is SuiteFiles?

SuiteFiles is a cloud-based document management app designed for accountants and other small-medium businesses. With it you can easily store, manage and work with your business files, all from one place online. From editing files and creating templates, to scanning and Outlook integration, SuiteFiles is kitted out with features to make managing your documents a breeze. SuiteFiles also integrates with popular business tools like Microsoft Office, Outlook, and Xero so that you can really hit the ground running in the cloud.

5 reasons why accountants love SuiteFiles:

We could move off a server and become cloud-based

Crystal Robinson from Chancellors Chartered Accountants

As a progressive accounting firm, we are always looking at ways to streamline and improve our business. We wanted to move away from server-based products and look towards the cloud. SuiteFiles has given us the tools to be able to finally make this a reality.

After migrating to SuiteFiles, we could move completely away from our server and stop using “the always unreliable” remote desktop for staff working away from the office. Being cloud-based means our staff can now access what they need, wherever they may be, using a much faster and more reliable method. We are so happy with SuiteFiles and haven’t looked back.

Being able to save emails and attachments into SuiteFiles

Michael Garcia from Garcia Group Advisors

We love email file management in SuiteFiles and the ease of using the Outlook add-in. With SuiteFiles, we can ensure that everyone can access the emails and attachments we’ve saved across the practice. It’s been useful to not have them stored in any one person’s Outlook inbox. It’s also made collaboration and being able to view conversations and history a lot easier.

We use the email template feature a lot – being able to create consistent, standard emails that anyone in the practice can send has been great. We use it for everything now – setting up workflows for requesting information, onboarding clients, quotes, etc. When we build templates, we make sure they already have PDFs or documents attached to the email. So, when we send tax returns to every client, the attachment is already there – we don’t have to think about it anymore, we just pre-populate it with client data from Xero and send it.

It’s simple to use

David Aston & Belinda Patton from Delante Accountants

Going from a server-based environment to a completely cloud-based environment, we’ve had to place a lot of trust in our document management system and the backup of our data.

Prior to being 100% “in the cloud”, we had to rely on remote desktops and VPNs when working outside the office. Now with SuiteFiles, we have instant access to the data we use to run our business. We can readily store, and find, documents and emails on the fly! SuiteFiles also saves us time when we’re back in the office, as we don’t need to upload files to the document management system.

SuiteFiles is simple to learn, even for someone from a non-accounting background. The set-up is straight forward and finding files is a breeze. This all adds to the efficiency of running our business – less time searching for documents means more time adding value to our clients, as well as building our business.

Connected to our one-source-of-truth in Xero

Michael Risoli from MKS Group

SuiteFiles is connected to our source of truth in Xero Practice Manager. We love not having to copy and paste client data into documents. Instead, we use the template pre-population feature in SuiteFiles, so if the source of truth is right, then client information pre-populates correctly in the template.

Using the templates feature has changed the way we deliver documents to clients. We use it on multiple levels, but particularly for fixed-price agreements and general correspondence. We have standard templates that we can pre-populate with the required fields out of Xero’s CRM – the client name, the addressee, the salutation and email – which eliminates so much processing time when we’re doing it at volume. When you look at a project like issuing 200-300 fixed-price agreements, we’re saving a mountain of time.

We also love being able to show someone how to use templates once, and they can do it. This really improves the speed of completing tasks like this.

Standardises how we work

Jeremy Fox from The Fox Group

We love SuiteFiles because it provides a seamless, efficient and user-friendly experience. It helps us to collaborate on client files, and has been a massive time saver for creating common documents and file structures. Our team finds that it has helped us to standardise how we work so we can do things more efficiently, which helps businesses growing their team or client base, like us. For example, when we onboard a new client, we can select a predefined folder structure through the folder template we’ve set up. We can do this at the click of a button. Creating new documents from templates is also easier and quicker than previous processes.

Why leave it there?

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