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5 Ways to Manage Contact Tracing for Covid-19 with infoodle

May 11, 2020

What are the implications for charities and churches coming out of lockdown and how do we record data needed for contact tracing?
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For many it will be a great sigh of relief when restrictions are lifted and we can go about normal routines like back to work, back to the shopping mall, back to social gatherings and back to church. Going out of our safe bubble into the open may be a fearful thought for some. We still need to be cautious and keep some distance, keep up the strict hygiene and sanitation routines. We still need to be vigilant, and keep a record of our contacts. So how can we do this safely?

infoodle helps you keep a record of who has been in contact with who. We need to do this so should we need to do a contact trace we can easily do this. We already have their names and contact details recorded in the infoodle database, now you just need to record what events they attended, or when and where they visited.

1. Contactless Check-in

infoodle can create a barcode for each contact using labels, which can be printed and made into cards. With a barcode scanner, cards can be scanned, checking the contact in. If you don't have a barcode scanner you can use a tablet/ipad but I suggest you keep a pack of antibacterial wipes next to it so the screen can be cleaned between users.

More information on how to do this see Help notes check-in

2. Attendance via infoodle App

If you are meeting in smaller groups, the group administrator can check all those into the group that attended the meeting or gathering from their smartphone.

More information on how to do this see Help notes Phone app/groups

3. From your computer via the group page

If you don’t have either of the above options available, you can go to the group pages, add the date and mark off all who have attended.

More information on how to do this see Help notes/group attendance

At any time you are able to print a report on all contacts in the group who have attended a particular event/meeting or events over a period of time.You can also see an individual's attendance from their profile page. Tracking the attendance also helps you know how many people are in attendance if you need to limit the size of the gathering. Another useful feature of tracking attendance is being able to see who should have attended but was not there.

4. Visitors

When you have people visiting who are not in the infoodle database, or people coming into the office individually the best way to record their attendance is via an infoodle form. Create a simple form with, as a minimum, their name and phone details, and a field for who they were meeting with. The date and time is automatically captured. You do not need to process the forms so they will not be added to your database numbers. You will still be able to export the entries.

New Zealand - According to Government regulations you must record Name, Email address, phone number, time in and out, and if done via a paper form, a signature.

More information on how to do this see Forms

5. Pre-Registrations

Pre-Registrations are particularly useful for Contact Tracing. Not only do you get peoples' names ahead of time, but you can also control numbers of people attending an event. This is very important if you are in a level of lockdown that restricts gathering numbers to a certain size. With a combination of infoodle Forms, and Stock Items, you can set up 'free tickets' that can be 'bought' when a Form/Pre-Registration is completed. The infoodle Stock Items can be restricted to any number of availability, which will prevent overbooking for an event.

More information on how to do this see Stock Items

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