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5 ways we can all #ThinkDeeper with Rayson Tan

April 15, 2020

Heading up Revolut’s Compliance, Risk and Legal teams in Singapore, Rayson Tan has 20 years of experience in financial services under his belt and has led teams in the big leagues to much success. His illustrious career is the aspiration of many. In spite of his many achievements, the cornerstone of his work ethic is surprisingly simple: Always dive deeper into the value chain of everything we do. We all want to #ThinkDeeper, so we asked Rayson to give us his top five tips to harness this Revolut core value.
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1. Pick challenges over familiarity

Comfort zones breed complacency. Put yourself in new situations that open doors for personal and professional growth. It may be difficult in the beginning, but think sustainably - give yourself the time and space needed to adapt and adjust.

Rayson says: “Many considered my last role as Managing Director in Credit Suisse’s Asia-Pacific hub to be the career holy grail. But deep down, I knew I wasn’t done yet. I’ve always been interested in the transformative powers of technology in the financial industry, so joining Revolut seemed like the most logical next-step. It wasn’t easy walking away from my comfort zone, but being able to build a company and shape an industry has been worth the while.”

2. Innovate our approaches

Innovation begins with the right ideas. Balance your imagination against strong data to support your vision. After that, it’s the quality and speed of execution that will be critical to business growth.

Rayson says: “Using Python in Compliance isn’t commonplace. But we have options - either do things the old way and get results we’re used to seeing, or try new methods in favour of better outcomes. By adopting what technology has to offer, Revolut has been able to improve risk management, optimise its resources and ultimately, provide a better experience for its users across the globe.”

3. Hire for long-term success

Try hiring meaningfully for the future, and not just to fill present positions. Consider what kinds of people you’ll need to take your business forward - their proficiencies and adaptability - and make sure you give them the right resources to get their best work done.

Rayson says: “As we continue growing, we need people who want to do the right things and who will do things right. Revolut is in it for the long haul, so we must encourage decisions that will benefit us beyond the short term. Besides the expertise and skill sets our candidates bring, we ought also to consider the more intrinsic personality traits - adaptability, nimbleness, flexibility, grit, thoughtfulness, discipline.”

4. Consider global relevance

Take a close look at the longevity of your work, and use technology to your advantage. Our world today is interconnected, so actively stretching your impact beyond your local community could really change the way global citizens live their lives.

Rayson says: “Our daily work may sometimes seem trivial or mundane in the grand scheme of things, but it’s the little things that amass into significant effect over time. Today, you may be developing data analytics models that speed up transaction rates, but tomorrow your work could impact customer satisfaction trends globally, and set the new norm for companies worldwide.”

5. Read a lot

High achievers are always eager to do better, and they often turn to self-improvement books. Besides engaging us cognitively and improving our focus, adopting new perspectives through reading can help us develop stronger coping mechanisms for specific situations.

Rayson says: “Life is essentially a series of problems. To thrive, we need to focus on solving the problems on-hand and allow ourselves to progress to solving larger, more pertinent issues. Don’t underestimate the power of reading, because even in books with controversial-sounding titles like The Subtle Art Of Not Giving An F***, you may find helpful solutions that are directly applicable to your challenges.”

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