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A brand for everywhere: Wise unveils bold new look

March 2, 2023

Wise has revealed a complete visual makeover, featuring a fresh green palette. Our new look and feel features a bold new font, imagery and universal symbols so we can communicate with anyone, anywhere. New look, same old Wise: Don’t let scammers trick you.
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Wise started with a simple mission — to tear down a clunky, opaque and expensive system. And today, over 16 million customers have joined us. Whoa.

But now we’re going further. Going to more places. Offering it to more people. Creating the world’s most international account. One account for everyone, everywhere.

So today, we’re launching our new brand. Inspired by you, and everywhere you’re going.

Meet our new brand


Wise works in 170 countries. You can send, spend and receive like a local almost everywhere. For us this meant being local, on a global scale. Responding to the countries and cultures we serve, not just reflecting them.

Since the start of Wise, we have driven irreversible change in an outdated industry and shone a light on hidden fees. So step one was to regain this challenger spirit. Creating a brand that is deliberately different.

Goodbye blue, hello green


Our fresh look and feel is inspired by the millions of people and businesses that use Wise today. It draws on global currencies, languages, alphabets and places from around the world, and captures the energy and dynamism of our customers.

We’ve gone all in on our account green, together with a set of punchy secondary colours inspired by the world around us. From blues to pinks and vibrant oranges, the new palette captures the excitement of a world waiting to be explored.

Our bold new font, imagery and universal symbols have all been designed to make the Wise customer experience consistent, wherever you send, spend and receive. With a look that works everywhere, we’re one step closer to money without borders.

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We've also rediscovered our voice. One that will help us find the right words to speak to everyone, everywhere, every single time. Yes to yen. Win with won.

Then there’s our tapestries. A fusion of colour, imagery and texture. They’re a celebration of people, place and culture, made by studying the money and imagery of the places we serve.

Going places

So that’s a brief introduction to our new brand. A brand to help you go everywhere. A brand to supercharge the next chapter of Wise and inspire you to join our mission.

Why leave it there?

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