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A sneak peek at the exciting exhibitor lineup for Xero Roadshow Asia 2021

October 6, 2021

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While we might not be able to meet face-to-face this year for Xero Roadshow Asia 2021, our commitment to showcasing the most innovative business technology to our accounting and bookkeeping partners remains unchanged. This year, we celebrated the exciting milestone of 1,000 app connections and connections to over 300 banks and financial service providers. We also unveiled the Xero App Store – an all-in-one platform for small businesses to discover and buy Xero connected apps, and app developers to grow their business.

Apps are a powerful enabler for business, and crucial for business growth. We are pleased to welcome over 20 virtual exhibitors at this year’s Xero Roadshow. Here’s a teaser of who you can expect to meet via virtual networking, live chat and roundtables.

Receive faster payments with Stripe

Getting invoices paid on time has been a long-standing challenge for business owners. This is particularly challenging for SMEs that often have smaller financial reserves to operate and grow their businesses. According to a 2020 study by the Singapore Business Federation, 70% of businesses reported that late payments were causing moderate to significant cash flow issues.

Stripe is a payment software that helps businesses accept payments and manage their businesses online. The partnership between Stripe and Xero enables Xero customers to add a ‘Pay now’ button to their invoices allowing them to collect online payments instantly. In fact, Xero Asia Pacific subscribers who use Stripe and other payment services with their online invoices get paid up to 25 days faster.

Find out how to enjoy faster payments and maintain a healthy cash flow with Stripe, as they share the latest payment trends and preferred payment methods in the region.

Smarter finance management with Aspire’s all-in-one finance operating system

Today, the average business uses seven different providers to fulfil their end-to-end financial needs. Aspire solves this problem with an all-in-one finance operating system, removing the hassle for growing businesses who can then focus their time where it matters.

Aspire brings together multiple offerings under one roof including business account, corporate cards, spend management, receivable management and business credit. Businesses are now able to automate, delegate and integrate their finance related requirements and use the time saved to grow their business instead.

Seek out Aspire at their virtual booth to discover smarter solutions for managing business finance. There are also special giveaways for anyone who signs up for an Aspire business account – do keep a lookout!

Manage inventory better with DEAR

Managing inventory is challenging and complicated. For SMEs and growing businesses the costs of overstocks, out-stocks and needless returns can be painful. It is estimated that retailers worldwide loose $1.75 trillion annually due to inventory mismanagement.

Inventory management software DEAR can help minimise risk and streamline costs for a healthier bottom line. This Xero ‘Staff Picks’ app enables businesses in retail, wholesale and ecommerce to manage their entire operation in a single, easy-to-use integrated system. DEAR provides complete, up-to-minute visibility of orders, inventory and fulfilment – allowing business owners to gain control of their logistics and make informed decisions with accurate data.

Schedule a free 30-min scoping call with a member of the DEAR team to assess its suitability.

FoodRazor – Game-changer for your clients in the food & beverage industry

The fast-paced and highly-competitive nature of the food and beverage (F&B) industry creates a need for speed and accuracy. Invoice management platform FoodRazor helps F&B operations track food and supply costs and manage purchase orders to optimise expenses and spending. FoodRazor automates data collection from invoices, removing the need to manually enter data and deal with messy or missing invoices while additionally offering real-time insights through dashboards and analytics at the touch of a button.

Bring along some invoices you’d like to process, and stop by the FoodRazor booth. They’ll be there to guide you and supply a free detailed spending report after.

Power the future of dining with Eats365

Restaurant tech solutions are often expensive, complicated to implement, quickly become outdated and even more problematic, and don’t work synergistically with other business systems. Meet the F&B solution that powers the future of dining by creating harmony between age old practice of hospitality and best of breed technology – Eats365.

Cloud-based platform Eats365 caters to restaurants of all sizes, with customised solutions that enable the seamless flow of information through a single platform, integrating point of sale, inventory management and customer relationship management.

Learn how implementing the right technology can save restaurateurs time and money, to boost efficiency and business success.

Discover these apps and more at Xero Roadshow Asia 2021. Check out the full list of participating exhibitors here.

Xero Roadshow Asia is the premiere event for innovative accounting and bookkeeping leaders from around the region to connect and discover the latest technological developments in the accounting industry. If you’ve yet to register, reserve a ticket for yourself and your team today!

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