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A wave of flaming new features 🔥

August 31, 2022

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One thing’s for sure: the sun won't be cooling off anytime soon, and neither will we. It’s time to heat things up with a summer of products and sizzling new features.

Choose where you send your Crypto ₿

Unlock Crypto potential and withdraw crypto from Revolut to an external wallet or cold storage of your choice! Not regulated. Value can go down. Tax may be payable.

Refreshing a classic: Group bills 💰

Here to end the awkward ‘money talk’ with your friends, Group Bills has a few new features that’ll be the talk of the town. From overseeing debts, marking them as paid and so much more!

Send money easier and faster 💸

That’s really all there is to know. We’ve made some improvements to transfers, cutting all unnecessary steps. Just search for your friends and their names will appear right away. As easy as it gets!

Goodbye Junior, hello Revolut <18 👋

We all love a good revamping, so Revolut Junior is now Revolut <18, for everyone aged between 6-17. Set your kids up for success with just the right amount of financial independence.

Filter your way to a better Stay 🏖️

It’s time to check off your wishlist. Choose from different categories like free cancellations and included breakfast to narrow down your search. Your dream Stay is a filter away.

Oof, those were a lot of burning new features to take in. Now you’ll catch a break from us – but don’t worry, it won’t be for long. September’s updates are coming, and spoiler alert: they’re pretty cool. Stay tuned!

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