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Accessing Xero Data from Your Digital Home with the GetHarold App for Slack

September 26, 2022

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If you are one of the over 10 million people worldwide who use Slack on a daily basis, then you are very likely to consider it your digital “home”. For better or worse, it’s an app you have open all day, and the first place you’ll go to get updated on all things work related.

Slack isn’t a source of truth for information though, and it is far from the only tool we use in our day to day work. Every business will have a multitude of systems for marketing, sales, support and finance, with specialists in each one. Staying on top of your work will often rely on quick access to information in these systems, and prompt updates on changes within them, but there typically doesn’t exist a central place to facilitate this.

Slack may play this role to some extent, but usually in a manual way, where requests for updates are coming in the form of messages between colleagues.

“Is that Acme invoice still outstanding?”

“How are we looking for overdue invoices this month?”

Whilst effective, this is far from efficient, and this is where the GetHarold App for Slack comes in. GetHarold bridges the gap between the place you spend most of your working day (Slack) and the systems where the data you need to do your job resides. It is not a replacement, of course, but greatly simplifies the process of accessing critical information for your business processes. It does this via two key features, search and notifications.

GetHarold Search

With GetHarold installed it is possible to search Xero directly from slack via the /harold command. For example, you could search all invoices for Acme using the search:

/harold invoice acme

Or pull up a list of all outstanding invoices with:

/harold overdue

Access to the commands is controlled, but you are able to selectively open up access to colleagues who do not have access to Xero, enabling other team members to get the updates they want without needing to bother your Finance team.

GetHarold Notifications

While search allows you quick access to the information you know you need, notifications ensure that you’re getting updated about changes you don’t know about. GetHarold can be configured to send notifications when invoices are created or updated. Automated notifications when invoices are paid allow your whole company to celebrate the important work that Finance does.

More than Xero

GetHarold search and notifications is not limited to Xero. Connect other systems like HubSpot,, Intercom and Close CRM to enable single search across multiple systems.

Why leave it there?

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