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AccountKit Partners with Annature to Revolutionise eSignature Workflows for Accounting Professionals

December 13, 2023

Innovative Integration Aims to Enhance Efficiency and Accuracy in Document Signing Processes.
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AccountKit, the leading compliance automation platform in accounting software solutions, and Annature, a trusted name in electronic signatures, are excited to unveil a groundbreaking new integration and partnership.

This integration is designed to modernise and expedite the eSignature process for accountants and bookkeepers, thereby eliminating the cumbersome manual data exchange between platforms.

In this state-of-the-art integration, AccountKit will directly transmit documents and associated recipient information—such as e-signer names, contact numbers, and email addresses—to Annature.

This eradicates the need for manual data input, a long-standing bottleneck in the process. Once the documents are in Annature, users can effortlessly configure e-signature fields prior to sending them out for signatures.

Annature will keep AccountKit's dashboard up-to-date in real-time, displaying the latest status of all active envelopes and individual recipient actions, be it opened, cancelled, or signed. Upon finalisation, users receive instant notifications via multiple channels like email, Slack, or Teams, and the signed documents are auto-archived back to their originating location, irrespective of the Document Management System (DMS) in use.

Corey Cacic, CTO for Annature, said: "This integration is a huge advancement for the industry. The hassle of manually moving data between systems was always a drain on productivity. Now, this seamless integration allows professionals to concentrate on their core tasks while reducing administrative overhead. I'm thrilled about the new levels of efficiency and precision this will introduce."

Key Advantages of the Integration:

1. Streamlined Efficiency: Eradicates manual data input, freeing up valuable time.

2. Enhanced Accuracy: Minimizes human errors that come with manual data handling.

3. User-Friendly: Enables professionals to manage and authorize documents within a unified platform, improving user satisfaction.

4. Robust Security: Guarantees the protection of sensitive financial data throughout the transfer and eSignature process.

Paul Murray, Co-founder for AccountKit, said, "This partnership is a transformative moment for our user community. We continually strive to augment our platform and simplify our users' lives. Teaming up with Annature has enabled us to achieve just that."

The integration is now live and available to all AccountKit and Annature users as of October 2023 in BETA.

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