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Advisors share figures. Extraordinary ones turn them into insights.

Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting UK has officially launched finsit, its cloud-based financial insights platform, to CCH OneClick customers. With finsit you can ensure your insights not only stay relevant but become invaluable.
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Increased technology automation is rapidly changing the industry. Development at Wolters Kluwer is always driven by our focus on customer success in a changing industry, so we can help you when it matters most during times of uncertainty. With that in mind, we have worked to create a tool that builds insight, both for your practice and for your clients, in an efficient and profitable way.

The finsit solution turns complex numbers into visual experiences that make it easier for advisors and their clients to make informed, efficient financial decisions. There has never been a more important time to show your value to your clients. The platform was developed specifically for accountants who want to strengthen their offerings by exceeding expectations and creating broader value for their clients.

Adapting to a changing industry efficiently and effortlessly

While the shift to advisory has been in place for some time, the uncertainty brought on by external factors has heightened the demand for sound financial advice from accountants. Brexit, and the aftermath of the agreements, will drive businesses to increasingly look to accountants as trusted advisors to help guide them through new legislation, tax, and VAT regulations.

Your clients will be looking for two things as they face this period of change and uncertainty in the new normal. Firstly, data-rich conversations in real time that will allow them to prepare for the unknown landscape before them. Secondly, advice and insight as they navigate the compliance and lockdown incentives put in place by the government. In short, there is an appetite for your expertise.

With this heightened demand for your knowledge and demonstrating value, you can make your offering more profitable across your client base.

The need for effortless financial reporting has never been more important. You will need to prioritise data analysis over data entry and real-time, data-rich conversations with clients over retrospective reports and compliance-led work. This will then allow time for higher-value advisory work.

Just as uncertainty has been a catalyst for the rise in advisory services, COVID-19 has become a catalyst for investment in cloud and hosting technologies, enabling secure remote working and business analytics. The next step is to make technology work for your advisory services, making them indispensable.

That’s where finsit comes into its own.

Finsit enables accountants to leverage technology to give real-time and data-rich advice

The finsit solution turns complex numbers into visual experiences that make it easier for advisors and their clients to make informed, efficient financial decisions. The platform was developed specifically for accountants who want to strengthen their offerings by exceeding expectations and creating broader value for their clients.

This a cloud-based platform for the accounting and auditing professions which gives customers the opportunity to see their finances presented in a visually appealing, digestible format, making it easier to have insight-rich conversations with clients and provide proactive advice.

Finsit is accessed through CCH OneClick, a secure set of cloud tools for true collaboration. Together with CCH OneClick, you can drive business growth for your clients with secure online collaboration and effortless financial insights.

Build loyalty, become indispensable

With finsit, you can make reporting across all clients streamlined and more consistent from a single location, as you deliver valuable financial insights. You can build loyalty as your practice becomes a trusted partner for your clients’ business growth.You will ensure your insights not only stay relevant but become invaluable, taking the next step into a clearer financial future together with your clients. Finsit offers:

  • clean, simple visual reports that can be accessed on laptops, tablets, or mobile devices
  • streamlined reporting processes, helping businesses better understand their company’s financial outlook
  • full integration with bookkeeping systems

Early adopters already seeing results

Many of our customers have been making use of digital tools, including finsit, not only to boost their agility and efficiency but also to meet the needs of their customers by building out an advisory offering. These early adopters have seen for themselves how finsit enabled growth in efficiencies and offerings to clients.

Partner at Reddy Siddiqui, Fozia Muddassir, has been using finsit in the UK as an early adopter. She says, “I value being able to access finsit via my CCH OneClick software. It means that I have all that I need in one place.”

“When you bring together great accountancy advice and superior software, it’s a real enabler for higher-value work. It makes practices more efficient, more productive, more valuable to our clients, and, as a result gives us greater longevity. This is the direction in which accounting practices should be moving and finsit is a great tool to help us to do that.”

James Goodman, Partner at Consilium Chartered Accountants, has also been an active participant in the early adopter program and says the industry is changing and providing insight and advisory services has never been more important.

He says, “I think this is how we as accountants need to be positioning ourselves and our services, especially now. Finsit is exactly the tool to help us provide this insight in an effortless manner and remain valuable to our clients.”

Suitable for practices of all sizes, finsit is already an established cloud-based service in Scandinavia, having been used by accounting firms in the region since 2006. Existing customers include BDO, Grant Thornton, Aspia and EY.”

Matt Crook, Managing Director of Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting UK remarked, “We strive to deliver technology for the real world and have developed a secure platform, tailor-made for the accounting profession. Finsit streamlines the reporting process for our CCH OneClick customers with seamless delivery, helping accountants and their clients better understand their business performance and drive outcomes.”

He continues, “At Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting UK, we help professionals to deliver deep impact when it matters most. Finsit provides an opportunity for an accountancy practice to shine, both to existing clients but also to prospects, by providing valuable insight. We look forward to expanding the availability of finsit in the future.”

See effortless reporting in action

Your clients will be seeking out advice from accountants with future-proofed systems that produce real-time insights, which will be paramount as businesses prepare for the unknown.

Our early adopters have already seen the value of using tools like finsit to demonstrate this value. If you want to see finsit in action, join our Director of Product Management, Gareth Cram, who will host a panel discussion with early adopters of finsit, showcasing how it has enabled growth in efficiencies and offerings to clients.

Register for the webinar here.

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