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Aider: the Advisory Intelligence Platform for proactive accountants and bookkeepers

How Aider built a solution to streamline advisory, using artificial intelligence

Aider is an artificial intelligence software solution, created to aid accountants and bookkeepers to more efficiently manage their clients’ finances.
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Aider; to help or aid

Derived from the French word ‘aider’, which means to help or aid; the purpose behind Aider, as a company, is in its name. 

Aider is an artificial intelligence solution, created to aid accountants and bookkeepers to more efficiently manage their clients’ finances. 

It’s Advisory Intelligence Platform draws on modern technology, offering a fully connected and comprehensive platform that, at the same time, is effortless to use. 

Aider is designed to help; to aid – it connects advisors with their clients, syncing data and messages in real-time, and providing SMBs with the confidence they need to run their businesses.

A fintech start-up, & quickly growing

Aider entered the fintech SaaS market in 2018, after Brendan Roberts, Founder and CEO, came up with the idea of Aider. 

The mission of Aider was to create and deliver a powerful platform that provides accountants and bookkeepers with the data and insights they need to provide sound, proactive financial advice. 

And in doing this, to also provide SMBs with the kind of Advisory services they want: an engaged, proactive and efficient advisor. Not someone they only speak to once a year. 

The team at Aider has built a powerful and complete Advisory Platform and a client Mobile App, that are set to help with the transition from traditional compliance management, to forward-looking advisory.

The mission today? The same as day one. To optimise technology and artificial intelligence to improve the efficiency of advisory and create exceptional client experiences. And to democratise advisory at scale for small businesses.

The tip of the iceberg: how Aider’s Platform will improve your practice

Aider has many intelligent features that will benefit your practice, including the following:

A concise view of your clients’ data

  • Quick profit & loss forecasts
  • View pre-analysed indicators & insights, saving time
  • Easily determine who you need to talk to today, and why

Ability to provide more proactive advice

  • Easily engage with clients’ via email or the optional mobile app
  • Have more productive client conversations
  • Notify clients’ ahead of time with proactive advice

Compliments your accounting tech stack

  • Xero accounting software
  • Aider Advisory Intelligence Platform

Artificial intelligence that saves you time

  • Less manual administration
  • Managing by exception, saving you time
  • Cash flow forecasting
  • An add-on mobile app for your clients

Introducing Aider’s Advisory Intelligence Platform

The Aider team has been working hard to develop a software solution that simplifies advisory. The team has stepped back, taken on feedback from their customers and deployed new updates and features. 

The Aider team has now created a platform where accountants and bookkeepers can effortlessly view and act on their clients’ pre-analysed finances.

Aider’s Advisory Platform provides accountants and bookkeepers with a proactive assessment of their clients’ data, cash flow, taxes, profitability, and growth. 

With 3 easy steps, advisors can 1) effortlessly see who they should be talking to today and why, 2) dive into the details, and 3) engage with the client. It’s never been easier to be proactive and start new client conversations.

Are you an accountant or bookkeeper?

Imagine having all of your clients’ data laid out in one overview screen, where you can see which clients are behind on their taxes, which are performing well, and so on. Aider provides this intelligent overview, and refers to it as ‘management by exception’.

As an accountant or bookkeeper, you can say goodbye to sifting through files and switching between multiple browser tabs to analyse your clients’ finances.

Improving the approach: from reactive, to proactive

By connecting seamlessly with world-renowned Xero accounting software, Aider syncs all of your clients’ data (whether you have 5 or 500) into one user-friendly interface, cutting out hours of administration. 

With Aider, you can now remain one step ahead, and effortlessly see which of your clients’ are due to pay taxes, reconcile invoices, and more, all at the click of a button. 

How Aider’s Platform is advancing advisory

There are so many things that Aider’s Platform does to streamline the advisory process for accountants and bookkeepers. 

The platform acts as a centralised view of your clients’ data, and provides a space to effortlessly view profit and loss forecasts, view leading indicators and insights, have more productive and proactive client conversations, and more. 

Aider is set to be a core part of your advisory tech stack. Start your day with Aider and you’ll be more focused, save time, and even position yourself to generate more advisory revenue from your clients.

Fintech companies like Aider are changing the way that accountants and bookkeepers do business

Why spend hours on manual administration, when you could let automation do this for you?

For years, accountants and bookkeepers have had to spend hours sifting through their clients’ finances, in order to identify issues and provide solutions. Now, artificially intelligent software solutions like Aider automates this for them. 

All of the data and information they need is automatically presented in a digestible and effortless-to-use platform, so that accountants and bookkeepers can spend less time on admin, and more time on advising. 

“Derived from the French word ‘aider’, which means to help or aid; the purpose behind Aider, as a company, is in its name.”

With the development of intelligent software like Xero and Aider, accountants and bookkeepers can now do what they do best, better

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