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Amaka joins Squarespace Extensions marketplace providing Xero and MYOB integration

June 23, 2023

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Squarespace, a leading e-commerce and website builder globally, has added Amaka’s Xero and MYOB accounting integrations to its Extensions marketplace.

Amaka will be a hand-picked third-party application that allows Squarespace users to manage and optimize their sites.

“We’re extremely proud that our integrations have been acknowledged by Squarespace, a household name for website building and e-commerce,” said Gian Ottavio, Global Partnerships Lead at Amaka.

“By introducing our Xero and MYOB integrations to Squarespace users, we aim to enable merchants to save more time and money through automation.”

Squarespace users globally can now automatically sync the sales, payments and tax details of their Squarespace transactions into Xero or MYOB accounting software, eliminating the need for manual data entry and bank reconciliation.

Amaka will provide unlimited, 24/7 support for those using Squarespace alongside Xero or MYOB.

“Squarespace is excited to be listing Amaka as the go-to accounting integrator for our users,” said Mike Haarala, Product Partnerships at Squarespace.

The gold-standard integrations made by Amaka are currently being used by over 55,000 merchants and accounting professionals across the world to automate their accounting processes.

Key features of the Squarespace accounting integrations

  • Automatically sync sales data from Squarespace into Xero or MYOB
  • Capture the costs of goods sold (COGS) on a daily basis to ensure you’re keeping track of profitability
  • Leverage default account mapping or use custom mapping to map transactions to existing accounts
  • Lightning-fast reconciliation processes with transactions matched the bank feed automatically
  • Back-date your sync to ensure your accounting platform is up-to-date with all previous days transactions
  • Choose from our 2-Minute Express setup, Advanced setup for professionals or Guided setup with an Integration Specialist

Learn more about the Xero and MYOB integrations

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