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Annature joins myprosperity's Wealth Platform

April 7, 2022

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Today, Annature, the Australian founded and owned eSigning fintech, announces its addition to the myprosperity client portal in response to growing demand from accountants and financial advisers.

While Annature's eSigning platform is purpose built for all industries, it is trusted by accountants, financial advisors and financial institutions to support the transition to digital workflow for performance and cost efficiency benefits. This is combined with the power of myprosperity’s sleek digital portal for clients to engage and collaborate with their financial professionals.

"Our view," says myprosperity founder and executive director Peter McCarthy "is that digital transformation is not a once-off phenomenon. Even before COVID-19 there was a trend towards digital collaboration between accountants and advisors with clients. Ongoing digital transformation will continue to accelerate at pace."

Annature CEO and founder Amreeta Abbott agrees. "We identified this trend quite early on and started work on an eSigning platform that would embrace everything professional business wanted to do. It needed to give them the tools to instantly become more efficient, customer centric and our unique cost structure gives them a reason to rely on us to drive performance right throughout their business."

The Australian-developed Annature eSigning platform is already making huge strides in the marketplace - with its capacity to integrate into any system, extreme flexibility, Australian-based support team and at a competitive price point around one quarter that of some overseas brand giants.

myprosperity’s Peter McCarthy sees partnering with leading fintech companies as key to building my prosperity's ecosystem and key to driving future growth. "Clients across all sectors and demographics are openly embracing Signing. With smartphone penetration rates so high, clients are happy to digitally sign documents wherever they may be. “

myprosperity’s revolutionary solution, Rooms, keeps all documents, tasks and client communications in one place for a specific job. Allowing accountants and advisors to work more efficiently, Rooms brings together time-saving features including pre-populated digital forms, automated client follow-ups and powerful eSignature integrations with leading platforms such as Annature.

With her personal background in accounting, financial advisory and fintech, Amreeta Abbott identifies another aspect that accountants and financial advisors like - choice. Using an eSigning platform like Annature simplifies processes, drives efficiencies and helps increase revenue.

"Annature also offers our business partners and customers an opportunity to brand their digital offerings. It's easy to integrate branding into their systems," said Amreeta.

To which Peter McCarthy concludes: "For accounting firms, ease of use and price are the big drivers. In addition to that the fact that both myprosperity and Annature are ISO 27001 certified, and the data housed in Australia is a major benefit. That security, for a fund manager who has to accept signatures, is very important."

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