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App Partner of the Year: NZ Winner

November 15, 2022

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ApprovalMax is the Xero NZ App Partner of the Year 2022. We have previously won the same award in the UK in 2021 and 2020, and in New Zealand in 2020.

The team behind ApprovalMax have been working tirelessly to improve all aspects of our app – from the user experience within the app itself, to the integration with Xero. And the work is paying off. It’s an honour to announce that Xero’s panel of external judges recognised our team’s efforts and awarded ApprovalMax the NZ App Partner of the Year for 2022.

Xero published the following statement:

“The judges respect [ApprovalMax’s] ongoing investment in the product experience they create for their customers by using and supporting new Xero enhancements. They said ApprovalMax’s high profile customer testimonials are a reflection of their commitment to training and enablement, streamlined onboarding, and a clear mission to provide a quality product.”

What does it mean to be Xero App Partner of the Year?

Xero's App Partner of the Year wooden trophy held in a person's hand

Each year, the App Partner of the Year is awarded to the app partners that consistently deliver world-class user experience, continuous customer growth, and unwavering dedication to innovation, design, customer support, app functionality, and integration improvements.

The award itself represents the effort that the ApprovalMax team has put towards consistent innovation and improvements for our Xero users. With ApprovalMax, Xero users can easily introduce financial controls and streamline their accounts payable and accounts receivable processes. Features like automated audit trails, bill-to-PO matching, budget checking, and the mobile app were developed to help our Xero users improve and automate financial processes at every step of the way. Combined with Xero and other apps within the ecosystem, our users are able to establish a completely digital approval process, allowing them to save time, money, and paper.

Accountants and bookkeepers worldwide have included ApprovalMax in their app stacks and many confirm that it’s now an essential part of their cloud-accounting toolkit. In addition, our Xero user growth has been consistently improving – in New Zealand, our Xero users grew by 30% in the last year (period from September 2021 until September 2022) and by 23% worldwide. ApprovalMax is dedicated to helping our Xero users grow and scale. With over 100,000 users globally, we’re continually finding new ways to make an impact and we’re thrilled to have our commitment recognised by customers and Xero’s judging panel alike.

“ApprovalMax has made our invoice and expense authorisation process so simple. It’s easy to use. There’s no need for approvers to have access to Xero as they simply approve invoices in app. Their approval is logged in Xero giving us an authorisation audit trail. There are so many options for the approval workflow – it can be set up to suit so many different approval rules. Highly recommended.”Helen Mian, Finance and Operations Manager at Environmental Funders Network

Even Sharesies are proud to be using ApprovalMax. Hannah Korner (Corporate Accountant) started using ApprovalMax in 2020 and has backed us since. ApprovalMax adds value to Sharesies’ finance function, helps them stay compliant, and simplifies the auditing process – which is no small task given the tight regulations in the investment industry.

“We want to use tools that automate boring processes and make those processes much easier and more efficient. Instead of spending time getting invoices approved, ApprovalMax frees our time up so we’re adding more value to the business through analysis and improvements.”Hannah Korner, Sharesies

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