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April Edition: What's new from Revolut Business

April 19, 2022

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Business in hibernation? We didn’t think so! But now the seasons are changing, it’s the perfect time to explore the great new features we’ve got lined up this month – the best way to shake off what’s left of winter and help your business blossom.

From new SWIFT transfers to Ukraine and Hong Kong, to running payroll from your Business account, there’s lots to leap into. Check out what’s new below!

Transfer to Ukraine, fee-free

We’ve opened up a direct, fee-free payment corridor to Ukraine, so you can send money to staff, suppliers, or service providers at absolutely no cost through April 30. Since launching this new route in March, Revolut Business customers already transferred over £1 million to recipients in Ukraine. See T&Cs here.

Swiftly send USD to Hong Kong

Got suppliers or partners in HK? We’ve got you covered. With our new SWIFT payment route you can send USD to Hong Kong from your Revolut Business account.

Easily track your payments

Every payment you make takes quite a journey – but when does it reach it’s destination? Well, thanks to our payment tracker, now you’ll know at every step on web and Android (don’t worry, it’s coming to iOS soon). Easily check if your payment has been approved, is being sent, and when it’s successfully hit your recipient’s bank. Phew, what a relief!

Run Payroll from your Business account

It’s time payroll wasn’t so taxing. So relax and close those spreadsheets – our new Payroll app lets you pay UK employees in clicks, not hours. Customise your employee pay, adjust critical info, make one-off changes when you need to, and much more – all from your Revolut Business account. All info is synced automatically with HMRC, while we calculate everything for you. Employee pay done and dusted.

Follow your favourite FX rates

Keep your eyes on your favourite currencies, even when you’re not looking. Add currency pairs to your Watchlist and get instant alerts when they hit your target rates. Simulate currency conversions on web and mobile to save on FX and exchange at your perfect rate.

Manage roles and permissions on mobile

Business doesn’t stop when you’re out and about, so we’ve made sure you can view and edit roles and permissions for you and your team on mobile, as soon as requests come in. Wherever you are, you’re in control – with critical changes just taps away.

Master your expenses on-the-go

When it comes to expenses, there’s no switching between devices needed. Now you can submit and approve expenses in our web and mobile apps! A time-saving shortcut giving you and your employees flexibility and freedom while keeping your finances organised.

That’s all, folks

Feeling excited? That’s the sunny rays of a month’s worth of new features that you can’t wait to dive into – enough to keep you going until May, anyway.  See you next month!

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