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Are inefficient processes holding your trades clients back?

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As an accountant, you are in a unique position to help your field service clients evaluate whether their processes are the most efficient they can be.
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While clients may think their existing service, maintenance or project processes are exactly what they need, usually a deeper understanding of financials can uncover another story.

So what are the telltale signs of inefficiencies in a field service business? And how can field service management software help? Keep reading to discover the top three signs of inefficient business processes. 

Your client can’t easily locate important information

When you ask your client to provide you with key financial data, does a look of dread appear on their face? 

If your client can’t accurately tell you how much inventory the business has in storage or if they’ve followed up on an overdue invoice, it may be a sign of inefficient processes. Easily accessing accurate business data is vital to the success of any field service business. These details are important to make swift business decisions and form the basis of reports which your clients may need to share with stakeholders. 

The key to easily finding important information is storing it in one central location and cloud-based software such as simPRO makes this possible. No matter the information required, or the report requested, your clients can move forward with confidence knowing data is just a click away. 

Invoicing is slow and customers aren’t paying on time

Are slow and dated processes holding your client back from sending invoices quickly? Or is your client constantly having to track down customers to get them to pay their outstanding invoices? 

If your client can’t quickly and easily locate job details such as labour hours or materials used, generating accurate invoices becomes a slow process. This not only broadens the window of time between job completion and payment, it also increases the risk of undervaluing jobs. 

Further, hindered invoicing processes create more barriers for customers to pay your client on time for their work. Luckily, a complete field service management software can make this process more efficient and help your client avoid missing money. 

With software like simPRO, field service businesses can use a variety of features to help streamline their processes and get their customers to pay on time including payment accepted in the field, invoicing alerts and secure payment options. 

Business data does not flow easily into an accounting platform

Are your clients wasting valuable time transferring accounts payable and receivable information from one platform to another? 

An important piece of the puzzle for field service efficiency is the integration between business management software and accounting software. 

While field service management software helps business operations run smoothly, if it doesn’t integrate with accounting software, all that efficiency could be lost. To ensure your client’s processes are as efficient as possible, a well-functioning integration between business and accounting software is key. 

If you’re looking for a complete business software for your trade clients and want to learn more about simPRO, contact us to speak to a dedicated simPRO Partner Manager.

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