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Australia, we are go!

August 11, 2020

The wait(list) is finally over for Revolut Australia! It’s been just over a year since we first set foot Down Under and we’re excited to announce that we’re saying goodbye to our waitlist. From today, anyone in Australia can download our financial super app and enjoy one app to manage all things money. Setting up your Revolut account takes just a few minutes on an iOS or Android smartphone.
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We’re excited to be introducing some brand new features for you very soon. Some of the awesome things you can look forward to in Australia include: a simple way to exchange cryptocurrencies and commodities, a Rewards program to help you save money from top brands and day-to-day purchases, a Junior account to help teach your kids money skills, and new ways to easily give back to the causes you care about.

Of course there's heaps of amazing things you'll find in the app right now to help you get more from your money, every day.

Make hassle-free payments worldwide instantly, at the Interbank exchange rate

While we may  all be staying grounded for a  little while, you can stay  connected with your relatives and friends through the Revolut app by sending, requesting or gifting money to them, wherever in the world they may be.

We’re all about giving our customers the best bang for your buck, so you can easily exchange the Aussie Dollar at the real exchange rate, without hidden fees or unfair markups. You can also hold a whopping 27 currencies directly in the app, including Australian Dollars, New Zealand Dollars, U.S. Dollars, British Pounds, and Euros. How cool is that?

Make instant transfers to your friends on Revolut in 27 currencies!

Yes you read that right, if you’re sending money overseas to another Revolut user, you can transfer money to each other instantly, with no hidden fees.

Budget smarter with useful analytics

Enjoy a range of smart tools that make budgeting simple. Get instant spending notifications, automatic spending categorisation and monthly budgets alerts. You can also split bills with friends at the tap of a button and round up spare change from your Revolut card spends into a Vault.

A secure way to shop

With Revolut you also have the benefit of enjoying our key security features, such as location-based security on your Revolut cards or the option to temporarily freeze your cards from within the app. Additionally, you can toggle payment functionalities such as contactless payments, online payments or ATM withdrawals. And if you make online payments, we offer one-use virtual cards, which generate new details each time a transaction is made online, creating an additional layer of security.

And last but not least…we’re launching Revolut Metal

Metal plan customers will enjoy a sleek 18g stainless steel Metal card and extraordinary benefits such as  up to 1% cashback on all card purchases, unlimited foreign exchange, SmartDelay airport lounge passes, early access to new features and much more.

And if you’re one of the first in Australia to get your hands on our luxe metal card, you’ll even get an exclusive intro discount. So what are you waiting for? Upgrade to Metal today and stand out from the crowd.

(Please note that Metal charges a monthly subscription fee. Please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement or Terms and Conditions for further information.)

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