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Automate, Integrate and Accelerate with Tall Emu + Xero

Tall Emu CRM: A Game-Changer for Small to Medium Businesses

The number one challenge Tall Emu customers look to solve is eliminating multiple systems to streamline sales and operations.
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Far too often businesses large and small suffer by not having the right tools to run their day-to-day operations. Teams are juggling manual processes, Excel spreadsheets, sticky notes, untracked and lost emails, confusion over sales orders, inaccurate stock levels, no visuals of pipelines, scribbling on bits of paper and other clunky ways of working. Fortunately, this unproductive approach can easily become a thing of the past by working with Tall Emu.

Tall Emu is purpose built to work seamlessly with Xero offering an end-to-end solution from first contact with a lead until long after the sale is made.

Developed, managed, hosted, and supported in Australia, Tall Emu is a leading customer relationship management (CRM) software solution designed to help businesses manage their customers, sales, inventory, and operational processes more efficiently.

As well as being packed with all the usual features of a CRM, Tall Emu provides a powerhouse of next level functionality, helping to take businesses to their maximum growth potential. Tall Emu integrates not only with Xero, but also works with many existing apps and tools businesses use every day including website lead forms, bank feeds, Google Maps, WooCommerce, Shopify, Stripe, Campaign Monitor, Mail Chimp, freight companies and many others.

Solving Pain Points for Small-Medium Businesses

Common challenges small to medium businesses are often desperate to solve when they contact Tall Emu, include improving daily processes around monitoring leads and sales, keeping track of data, and managing stock.

Tall Emu can do all of this, plus stacks more. By hooking Xero data into Tall Emu CRM, Tall Emu saves time and resources as well as giving a full view of the business from lead to sale and post-sale customer interactions.

Tall Emu is ideal for businesses that sell, make, or distribute physical products and need a complete business software. Although Tall Emu is labelled as a CRM system, it has most of the functions of an ERP system without the price tag. Tall Emu is often referred to as a “mini-ERP”.

Improved Data Accuracy

Maintaining different databases for client information becomes unsustainable in keeping important data synchronised and well-managed. Tall Emu CRM brings all data together in a simple to use yet powerful system. One source of truth for all company data puts an end to confusion around project statuses, customer history, sales pipelines and most areas of business operations.

Reduced Costs

By automating many manual processes, businesses can reduce their labour costs and improve their overall profitability. Many Tall Emu customers have been able to significantly expand their businesses without adding a single extra employee. Tall Emu acts as a silent team member who never takes annual leave!

Quoting and Selling

Tall Emu CRM allows businesses to generate professional, branded web-based quotes which can be emailed or sent by SMS to customers and can be signed and accepted online. Accepted quotes can be transferred into Xero or MYOB accounting systems, saving on data entry. Quick, easy, and professional transactions make any business look like the superstars that they are.

Enhanced Customer Management

Customer management is critical for businesses that want to maintain long-term relationships with their customers. By integrating Tall Emu and Xero, businesses can gain valuable insights into their customers’ purchasing behaviours and preferences. This enables businesses to personalise their marketing and sales efforts, which can help them attract and retain more customers over time.  Tall Emu will also synchronise contacts and key communications directly from Outlook into CRM, so customer interactions are never lost or misdirected.

Powerful Inventory Management

Simple but extremely powerful inventory management is one of the standout functions of Tall Emu. Connecting Tall Emu CRM and accounting systems, businesses can quickly and easily track their inventory levels and sales.

What has previously been difficult, becomes automated and easy with Tall Emu including multi-location management of stock and serviceable assets, batch and serial number tracking, multi-currency calculations, ecommerce website stock levels – with all relevant data automatically integrating with Xero.

Tall Emu solves one of the most complicated and time-consuming tasks of calculating landed costs – considering the original price of the product, transportation fees (both inland and ocean), customs, duties, taxes, tariffs, insurance, currency conversion, crating, handling, and payment fees.

Simplifying the Manufacturing Process

Many Tall Emu CRM customers are using the system’s robust manufacturing component to manage their make to order process. An item which is made from raw materials, CRM can do the heavy lifting on planning and managing the process. With Tall Emu CRM, manufactured items are made by generation of a work order which can be scheduled and viewed on a calendar, assigned to a person, assigned to an area/production space, dynamically consumes raw materials, and produces an output item (bill of materials).

Sales Pipeline Visibility and Activity

It doesn’t get much easier to plan sales trips with an interactive Google Maps directly in CRM. Easily plot the best travel route to meet with existing customers, as well as source new leads, adding them directly from the map into CRM with a simple click.

Managing sales pipelines is also super simple, with Tall Emu’s Kanban view, businesses can easily see what stage deals are at or assign leads to specific team members.

How Tall Emu Compares to Other CRM Systems

The sheer number of systems out there and where to go to find answers can be extremely overwhelming. To break it down simply, Tall Emu is set apart from other ‘similar’ systems by several key stand outs.

  • Tall Emu is an Australian developed, supported and hosted CRM. Our team is based in Australia, making Tall Emu perfect for Aussie and New Zealand businesses. Developed for ANZ business needs, supported in a local time zone and knowing there’s always someone to talk to, locally, who speaks with relevance to individual business needs.
  • Seamless and deep integrations with both Xero and MYOB – included in the subscription fee.
  • No setup fee. Free assistance with set up and onboarding.
  • Free support and free training videos, unlike others which impose a support plan fee.
  • Inventory management is included in the subscription fee, unlike others which charge an add on.

Affordable & Easy to Get Going

Given its powerful and extensive functionality, it would be easy to assume the cost and effort to get going with Tall Emu is high. However, although Tall Emu provides a huge range of features, subscription fees are extremely affordable for any sized business. Subscriptions are AUD$65 per month per user, payable annually, or $85 per month per user for a flexible monthly access.

A big concern from many businesses looking to set up a new system or software is the time and energy involved. Tall Emu is unique in that on average customers are up and running within a short timeframe, unlike other CRM systems. Of course, for more complex businesses, some additional onboarding may be required but usually customers get going very quickly.

Getting Started with Tall Emu

The ideal first step to learn more and see if the system matches business needs, is to check out Tall Emu’s website and view a customisable demo. Pick and choose which bits of the CRM are of interest (such as inventory, synching with Xero, sales pipeline, and manufacturing). To take Tall Emu for a spin, use real company data or demo data in a 14-day free trial (no credit card required!).

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