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BDO and Xero join forces in global agreement

March 17, 2021

Xero is built on partnerships and is committed to working with a large ecosystem of like-minded companies who can help us achieve our purpose of making life better for people in small business, their advisors and communities around the world.
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It’s for this reason, we’re thrilled to announce that Xero has signed a three year global agreement with BDO to help businesses build resilience and plan for success. Under the agreement, BDO has been awarded Xero Global Partner status – recognising a new level of global engagement between our two companies. Xero will become BDO’s preferred accounting solution for its small and medium-sized clients globally.

We’re really excited about this partnership because more businesses will be able to use Xero’s accounting software platform with BDO’s business experience and expertise to gain better access to the vital support and information they need to succeed.

BDO shares our passion to enable more small businesses worldwide to succeed, so it’s such a natural fit for us to take this partnership to the next level.  

Providing businesses with the tools they need

If the last 12 months have taught us anything about business, it’s that digitisation has never been more important. Access to real-time, financial data and insights is vital and by leveraging the Xero platform, BDO’s advisors can use their expertise to support clients around the globe.

Our aspiration is to deliver Xero into the hands of as many BDO advisors around the world and in turn enable them to drive deep and meaningful conversations with their clients.

Working closely with Xero, BDO advisors will be able to deliver real-time data and help clients both understand and apply this information. These accurate financial insights will be invaluable to small businesses. They’ll enable business owners to focus on what matters to them – whether that’s growing their business, diversifying their products and services, exploring new markets, improving processes, or going completely digital.

The next three years

BDO shares Xero’s focus for developing a consistent and truly global approach for supporting growing businesses. We’re excited about the opportunity this presents and welcome BDO as a Xero Global Partner. The initial participating firms are expected to include BDO Australia, New Zealand, UK and Canada and we look forward to welcoming many more over the course of this agreement.

We’re proud of the community we’ve built at Xero through our network of partners, and are looking forward to working more closely with BDO.

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