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Better together: Combining cloud solutions gives construction firms a distinct advantage

Xero in conjunction with Corecon Cloud software empowers construction business owners with a holistic approach to automating accounting and project management. This thoughtful solution enables construction companies to outperform the competition by doing more with less...
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Doing more with less is a common ideology in most business sectors, and the construction industry is no exception. A skilled labor shortage has plagued the global construction workforce and has further driven this lean mindset.

Astute construction business owners know their success is dependent upon meticulous management of assorted moving parts and people. Choosing a comprehensive software solution that both increases efficiency and enhances internal and external team collaboration which is key to maximizing profitability and outperforming the competition.

With an abundance of technological solutions available in the construction industry today, it’s imperative to choose digital tools wisely, focusing on those that drive and add value. Cutting-edge technology that streamlines construction operations by leveraging mobile devices and Cloud services to both boost productivity and eliminate waste are key solutions to consider.

Operating in a silo

To their detriment, many construction firms still use multiple stand-alone software programs and manual paper-based processes to document and manage projects. This laborious process requires duplication of data entry and has a strong potential for data inconsistencies as well as other issues that hamper project success.

Additionally, many companies use desktop-based software that isn’t conducive to the construction industry’s mobile environment. Even small construction firms have remote job sites where on-site project management takes place, in addition to an office where functions such as accounting and overall business operations are conducted.

While these firms may be satisfied with their financial software in terms of general accounting functions, when it comes to handling project financials, such as: tracking subcontracts, potential changes, approved change orders, AIA invoicing and job costing, these systems tend to fall short. Since job-cost control is a key aspect to project management, seamless integration between project management and accounting software is a function that should not be overlooked.

Empowering your Construction business

The ideal construction management software should help to:

• Support front- and back-office functions

• Eliminate duplication of data

• Simplify data entry

• Standardize systems

• Create professional reports

• Increase collaboration

• Provide a comprehensive dashboard to quickly view schedules, financials and change orders

Cloud-based software solutions, such as Corecon Technologies’ flagship product, Corecon V8, enables construction firms to manage job opportunities and projects more efficiently from business development through project closeout. Designed for both residential and commercial construction businesses, the comprehensive platform includes modules for lead tracking, estimating, project management, job cost control, scheduling, quality control and safety. Further empowering a mobile workforce, where all information is accessible anytime, anywhere with the use of an internet-enabled device.

A total business solution

Providing a complete end-to-end solution for managing business operations, Corecon also offers an online team collaboration portal so external firms involved on the project such as clients, architects and vendors can access key information in a secure manner. Corecon’s tight integration with Xero brings front-and back-office functions together enabling company-wide consistency, which saves time, money and resources by eliminating errors and duplicate data entry.

It’s smart technology and partnerships such as this, will not only simplify construction operations but will also enable companies to do more with less, giving them a distinct advantage over the competition.

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