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BGL integrates with Cleardocs for streamlined company incorporations

July 13, 2022

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BGL Corporate Solutions, Australia's leading provider of self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF), investment portfolio and company compliance management software, is proud to announce its company compliance management software, CAS 360, now integrates with leading document provider, Cleardocs, to provide streamlined company incorporations.

BGL clients can seamlessly incorporate companies via the Cleardocs platform, with all data and supporting documents automatically imported into CAS 360. To get started, clients simply click the new ‘Register via Provider’ button within the CAS 360 Company Registration screen and select ‘Cleardocs’.

"We are extremely proud to have developed this integration together with Cleardocs," said Ron Lesh, BGL’s Managing Director. “This integration will help BGL clients automate the company registration process and eliminate the need to manually enter the company details in CAS 360, making the entire process a breeze!”

Jackie Rhodes, Managing Director, Asia & Emerging Markets at Thomson Reuters, said: “We are excited to provide BGL clients with full circle integration by enabling a seamless end-to-end process within CAS 360. This development delivers real time savings and improved accuracy to

BGL clients, and it further cements our longstanding relationship with BGL.”

“Currently, this integration is exclusively for Cleardocs company incorporations, however, we plan to expand this feature in the future. Watch this space” added Lesh.

BGL's free and open API is highly regarded and used extensively across the industry with over 350 data feed and integration partners in the BGL Ecosystem delivering a holistic experience to our clients.

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