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Cape integrates with Xero to launch one click automated accounting

March 31, 2023

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Leading the pack in the Australian expense management and corporate cards sector, two year old startup Cape has officially integrated with Xero to enable a direct bank feed to streamline financial reporting, reconciliation and management in an entirely digital and secure manner.

Gone are the days when accountants, financial leaders and business owners need to jump through several complex hoops and clunky applications to transpose bank data and manually update it. Now, it takes Cape customers a matter of minutes to connect their Xero account and create a steady and stable bank feed that can be synced with just one click thereafter. No wonder this was the #1 most requested customer feature for Cape.

Customers can benefit from a considerably faster month-end close process by reconciling data instantaneously to Xero from Cape, where they also see a holistic view
of their company and employee expenses, cash inflows and outflows, and balance sheets - all in one place.

This gives Cape’s wide range of customers the ability to track finances efficiently and improve accounting, expense management, growth and profitability.

“From card issuance providers, accounting systems, reimbursement software, receipt capturing apps, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tools, we’ve found finance teams and accountants are having to deal with archaic, disconnected systems that create a complex web to untangle when it comes to reviewing financial information in a timely manner to identify overspending, wasteful purchases and to accurately close their books at the end of the month.
Given so many of our customers work with Xero, we’re incredibly proud to be making their lives easier by seamlessly managing and automating the flow of data between our two companies in real time.
Our integration with Xero is just one of the hundreds of micro automations we are implementing to save our customers time and money on our mission to build ‘Complete
Expense Nirvana’.
Which is why our enthusiastic team of engineers went to great lengths in testing and iterating this integration alongside our early adopters prior to the public launch to ensure it delivered a best-in-class financial automation solution to finally eradicate end of month reconciliation induced stress.”

Ryan Edwards-Pritchard, CEO & Founder, Cape

“As a financial services organisation, we undergo a rigorous review process for any financial tools we use and recommend to our customers. We’ve added Cape to our toolkit because it is one of the most innovative FinTechs in the APAC region. It is creating an entirely new product category designed to save businesses time and money.
Its integration with Xero has already saved our team dozens of hours of financial admin work and will continue to do so for SMEs around the country. A huge time saver and a product we’re excited to be associated with.”

Mark Stevenson, Managing Director, Bell Partners Finance

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