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Capium Partners With UNIPaaS to make Embedded Finance More Accessible to Accountants

December 12, 2022

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Capium today announces it has selected UNIPaaS as its embedded finance solutions provider, to bring the power of embedded finance to accountants.

Through its partnership with UNIPaaS, Capium will be able to provide its customers with a more efficient and streamlined payments experience by truly embedding payments and open banking within its suite of products to improve SMEs cash flow. The UNIPaaS solution enables platforms to provide new, innovative, and streamlined customer experiences while offering new value propositions to their customers, such as automating and digitizing manual processes, reducing admin and errors, and assisting businesses in improving their cash flow and growth.

Capium will be able to provide its customers with embedded finance solutions through its partnership with UNIPaaS, allowing them to add financial services alongside their core software products and thus increase their own revenue per customer by 2-5x.

"We are extremely honoured that Capium chose UNIPaaS to join forces with them on offering embedded finance solutions to accountants. We created a fully integrated experience that combines all payments and financial details in a single location. Our goal is to eliminate all common B2B payment pain points while also assisting businesses in improving both the customer experience and cash flow of their operations," said David Avgi, CEO and Co-Founder of UNIPaaS. "We look forward to working with the Capium team and seeing the results that our technology will help it achieve."
"We're very excited to work with UNIPaaS and offer embedded finance solutions to our customers. Together, we can move forward and offer accounting professionals the tools and services that make processes less painful and enable them to anticipate the future with confidence. Our goal is to assist our clients in automating the payment process to ensure timely payments and a better customer experience. In terms of payment solutions, accountants have historically been underserved. We are able to meet the rising demand for solutions based on embedded finance and open banking thanks to this partnership, which puts us ahead of the curve.” states Sanjay Bhiraju, Co-founder & CEO of Capium.

About UNIPaaS
UNIPaaS' mission is to help businesses capitalize on the real potential of embedded finance. Its truly embedded solution offers digital platforms the ability to add new white-labeled financial services such as payments and banking. By providing these services, businesses can effectively increase revenues and improve customers' lifetime value and deliver a better-streamlined experience. UNIPaaS was founded in Israel in 2020 by fintech industry veterans: David Avgi (CEO), Oded Kovach (CTO), Limor Liberman (COO), and Tsach Einav (CFO). The company, which is FCA-licensed, also has offices in London.

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