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Celebrating 16 Years of Emersion!

April 14, 2022

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Born out of necessity

In late 2005, the leadership team of Wholesale Communications Group (WCG) needed a new billing system. They had a vision of supporting automatic service provisioning, helping with customer engagement, integrating their software together, and ultimately focusing on efficiency and cost reduction. After finding that the available options were too expensive for WCG at the time, the team recruited some developers and decided to start building their own solution. And thus, the idea for Emersion was born.

Emersion today

Sixteen years later, Emersion has grown into a global software business of its own. The platform still accomplishes what it was originally designed to do: automate billing and service provisioning, engage customers, enhance other systems and help to grow businesses, and Emersion is constantly being improved so it can do more, for more of our clients.

We now have a team of talented staff working across APAC and North America, and we now serve clients in industries ranging from voice and data services, to managed IT service providers, to utilities and SaaS companies. The Emersion billing and automation platform now integrates with over 140 business systems, and our clients use Emersion to sell and bill for over 800 types of services, and these figures now increase every month.

Emersion founder and CEO Paul Dundas was recently a guest on the Emersion On Air podcast, where he took us through his own eyewitness account of the Emersion story, from starting back in the mid-2000s all the way to being acquired by Novatti Group in 2020, to working in a post-COVID world this year.

Listen to Building and Scaling a Business with Paul Dundas here.

Thank you!

Today, we’d like to shout out a big thank you to everyone in the Emersion family, past and present, and everyone in the community of Emersion users who have helped us achieve so much over the last 16 years. We’re looking forward to working with you all to help automate and grow your businesses for many more years to come.

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