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Celebrating Australia’s unsung heroes at tax time

July 1, 2020

As the financial year comes to a close, we thought it was important to celebrate our community of accountants and bookkeepers – who have undoubtedly had one of the toughest year-ends on record – with something a little different. So, we’ve released a music track to honour the industry’s monumental efforts in support of the nation’s small businesses.
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A ‘Little Love Song’, developed in partnership with Australian entertainer and TV personality Sam ‘Sam Mac‘ McMillan, pays tribute to the important work of advisors across the country, while aiming to bring a little comic relief to their reporting period.

An EOFY like no other

With all the changes in the industry that advisors have had to keep on top of, as well as the usual EOFY tasks to complete, this year-end has been a big one.

Gabrielle Osborne, owner of bookkeeping firm Creative Accounting, says that this time of uncertainty has highlighted the importance of trusted advisors, in helping business owners overcome their challenges.

“The last few months leading up to tax time have been exhausting but rewarding at the same time. Our clients need us now more than ever, and we’ve been working around-the-clock to take care of them,” says Gabrielle.

David Boyar from Change GPS agrees, adding that while there’s been an increased workload, ultimately accountants and bookkeepers want to put in the hours to support their clients.

“Both the accounting industry and clients have been disrupted due to the economy and, while some advisors might focus on their mental exhaustion, others are proud of the impact they have had on the thousands of mum-and-dad businesses in Australia,” he says.

David and Gabrielle shared their recent experiences with Xero to help shape the song.

End-of-season serenade

The work of advisors can sometimes go unnoticed, with many playing a behind-the-scenes role.

“In the midst of adversity, we’re hearing stories of accountants and bookkeepers saving the day for many small businesses. They have been offering much-needed guidance – such as unpacking the requirements for packages like JobKeeper – or simply providing a shoulder to lean on,” says Trent Innes, Managing Director of Xero Australia and Asia.

“Our aim is to put a spotlight on the critical work done by advisors in support of small business, the backbone of the economy. We hope this song goes some way in recognising Australia’s often unsung heroes.”  

Sam Mac says he was excited to get on board to have some fun and create this song with Xero to show some appreciation for the bookkeeping and accounting community.

“It’s been a taxing year for these hard working Aussies. It’s my pleasure to present the greatest love song ever written in dedication to bookkeepers and accountants. Admittedly, it’s the only one, but technically, it’s also the greatest. So let’s run with that.”

We hope this tune goes some way in recognising and celebrating the advisors all over Australia. This ‘Little Love Song’ is dedicated to them.

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