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Chaser software now available to all businesses regardless of their accounting platform, with Chase Import launch

June 30, 2021

Chaser has launched a new .csv import tool, Chase Import, to allow any business globally to benefit from accounts receivables automation no matter the accounting platform they are using.
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From today, businesses using any accounting system can connect to Chaser's accounts receivable automation software and automate the entire credit management process, speeding up invoice processing and improving cash flow.

Chaser users report getting paid up to 16 days sooner, saving 15+ hours per week and reducing days sales outstanding by 75% and more.

Previously, businesses could only rely on accounts receivable softwares which were compatible with their accounting system. The Chase Import tool now makes Chaser accounting system agnostic. As most accounting systems allow for invoice information to be extracted and downloaded into a /csv file (Excel or Google), Chaser has removed barriers by introducing a .csv import tool that allows them to import their downloaded invoice information into the Chaser automation platform. Whether they use Netsuite, SAP, Oracle, Epicor or another accounting software, Chaser is now available for all businesses as an end-to-end way to manage, optimise, track and chase receivables.

To see the Chase Import feature in action, and how it connects with the Chaser receivables platform you can learn more here.

The benefits of this tool include:

  • Quick, fast and easy-to-implement imports with any accounting system.
  • Automated and personalised invoice payment chasing that always looks hand-typed, ensuring that users maintain great customer relationships whilst getting paid faster.
  • Advanced custom scheduling, to chase different customer groups (e.g. bad payers vs. long-term clients) at the best times and in the best ways to encourage prompt payments.
  • Automated “thank you for paying” emails for customers who have paid.
  • Reports and customer insights to track receivables progress and help decide which customers to continue granting credit to.
  • Keep track of all customer and invoice communications, including customer replies in Chaser's receivables CRM.
  • Reduced credit control and accounts receivables management time and fewer errors.|
  • For the toughest cases, invoices can be escalated within the Chaser application directly  to Chaser’s debt collection service.
  • Users can use the Chaser app to offer payment plans to their customers, and chase these instalments accordingly.
  • Access to credit checking and scoring in the app.

Pedro Sampaio, CTO of Chaser, has said: "At Chaser it is our mission to give all businesses the confidence that they will get paid for their work, and by opening up our software to all accounting platforms through the Chase Import feature we are helping make this a reality for more businesses worldwide.”

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