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Clarity HQ Software Development Update | Q3 2021

October 20, 2021

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Clarity Software Update Q3 2021 – Recently Released

  • Financial Plan Update
  • Starter’s Simple Report
  • Starter Plus Financial Plan
  • Completed Tasks
  • Downtime Alerts
  • FTE Advanced
  • 5D Planning

Financial Plan Update

Clarity’s Financial Plan is now available for your client’s who are on-boarded via manual entry. This means your non-cloud clients can benefit from Clarity’s Financial Plan and the plan vs actual, making it a lot easier for your clients to make better business decisions every month or quarter.

Starter’s Simple Report

Simple Report is a three-page visual report to help your client visually understand their numbers. These reports (which are editable to suit your brand, tone and client sector) offer a visual overview as well as detailed text explaining the potential profit and cash improvement for each client. This function is now available on all Clarity membership levels. Here’s a reminder about what our Simple Report feature is and how powerful it can be for your firm and clients.

Starter Plus Financial Plan

Starter Plus members now have access to Financial Plan and Financial Plan Performance. What does this mean for your firm? Once you’ve got your Financial Plans ready at the click of a button, you can get them into the hands of more of your clients quicker.

Completed Tasks

All completed tasks in Action Plan are now saved to show how far your client has come since your last meeting, even if a current plan is replaced.

Downtime Alerts

If Xero or QuickBooks hit a glitch temporarily, Clarity will let you know that you may want to double check your data before having a meeting.

FTE Advanced

A history of the advanced number of full time equivalent employees is now available. This means that you can compare apples with apples when looking back on your client’s revenue per employee number.

5D Planning

In October 2021, Clarity launched 5D Planning – helping you plan your clients’ futures from every dimension that truly matters.

5D Planning combines the power of:

  • Action plan – clients know what they need to do to achieve their numbers;
  • Financial planning – breaking the bigger plan down into monthly goals;
  • Cashflow sense check – making sure the the business model makes sense from a cash perspective;
  • 7 Key Numbers Planning – to maintain elegance and simplicity for the clients along the way; and
  • Funding plans – understanding if, how and when the business plan needs funding.

Read more information on 5D Planning here.

Upcoming Adjustments

The dev team are working hard to make the Clarity platform super easy to use for your team so that they can track your client’s progress. Soon you will be able to track your client progress and pipeline (Kanban style tracking page/screen) to see which clients you’ve spoken to, who you’ve had a meeting with, their progress and meeting status.

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