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Clarity HQ Software Update | Q2 2020

July 10, 2020

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Q2 2020

March, April and May 2020 will be remembered for many things by business owners across the world. Like many others, #TeamClarity grit their teeth and ploughed through the shock phase of COVID-19, with the sole purpose to serve our member firms and in turn, small business owners worldwide. From a software perspective, our dev team worked tirelessly under the bonnet of the platform to speed up functionality, as well as publishing a refreshed website including our brand new firm potential calculator and success factor quiz.

Recently Released

  • Portfolio View
  • Sign in with Xero
  • Speedy On-boarding
  • Core Case Target Gap
  • Future 500
  • BusinessU

Portfolio View

You will have probably seen in our demo video or latest blog latest blog that we have released Portfolio View in June. Highlights include Clarity member firms being able to view all clients in one screen plus the ability to segment, filter and benchmark clients in just one click. This means you can easily see which clients need more attention, haven’t been completing their actions or if they might need some help.

Clarity Portfolio View

Sign in with Xero

Access you Clarity account using just your Xero login details for a safer, easier and speedier experience.

Speedy On-Boarding

You can now onboard clients in seconds instead of minutes. Plus, we’ve created a dedicated workflow to ensure that the data you are entering is correct.

Core Cash Target Gap

After the launch of Portfolio View, Clarity members requested additional formulas to help kick start their advisory conversations with clients. The core cash target gap shows the difference between the core cash target and the actual bank balance. This means that you can instantly see which clients are struggling from a cash gap perspective and of course, you are also able to sort your client portfolio by that number in portfolio view.

Future 500

Calculations in the future screen can now be improved to 500% (by typing the 100+ number in manually, rather than using the sliding scales which only go up to 100*). This is particularly useful for revenue (if you’re a super high growth business, or if you have just started the business) and revenue per employee.
*Some sliders only go up to 30 – calculation specific


The BusinessU (aka Business University) has had a makeover and now includes more helpful and practical articles for you and your team to share with your small business clients. Articles such as defining your unique selling proposition, how to calculate your breakeven point and insights into the 7 key numbers.

Upcoming Adjustments

We really do listen to our member firms about what they want from us and the platform. Recent comments and requests from our monthly Ignite member masterclasses have resulted in multiple updates and tweaks to the current platform. The next software update will include a major upgrade to the action plan function, making the experience more dynamic and user friendly. Firm data tags will be added to Portfolio View, which will allow firms to add up to three firm specific tags to your clients (eg. client grade, service level and portfolio reference) but these titles are editable too. Full time equivalent employee numbers will also be shown in Portfolio View. So you can instantly see whether the employee numbers are correct, which in turn helps when benchmarking. And finally, the ability to export specific filtered pdfs directly from Portfolio View – handy if you’ve reviewed the data and you want someone else in your team to follow up with the client.

More to come in Q3 as we push through the next few months of 2020. Stay tuned on social channels for future releases in the meantime.

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