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Clarity Partner with – Streamlining Business Advisory and Funding for Accountants

December 1, 2020

Capitalise and Clarity, two of the most innovative apps within the cloud accounting ecosystem, have partnered up. They will be releasing, for the very first time, a fluid and direct link from business advisory into the funding world.
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Seamless experience

This collaboration showcases the cutting-edge technology of both platforms. The result is a seamless experience for accountants and their small business clients. One that logically linking business advisory with an integrated funding solution.

Aynsley Damery, CEO of Clarity, shares I am immensely excited to release the first integration between business and funding/capital advisory. The combination of the two is crucial for small business owners, in order for them to succeed. Now more than ever, accountants are going above and beyond for their small business clients. They are helping them to react to the volatile COVID landscape, lockdowns and ever-changing government stimulus packages. In order for small businesses to survive and thrive in 2021 and beyond, actionable strategies and business plans must be delivered together with a supporting loan or cash-flow solution. It goes without saying that this integration is the ideal solution for accountants. Particularly those looking to deliver outstanding value added services for their SME clients”.

No two apps within the accounting ecosystem have ever worked together so closely to open up a seamless integration for small businesses. Put simply, this partnership means that accountants can create a strategy and business plan for their clients and help them fund it within the same platform. The smooth integration of the two platforms eliminates any complexity. Thus enabling accountants to focus on their clients and SMEs to focus on their goals.

Business are four times more likely to get funding with guidance from an accountant

In normal economic cycles, businesses can rarely scale from their own existing reserves and often need to look outside to raise capital. Since COVID this has become even more apparent. However, the funding landscape is more complex and the requirements of lender’s stronger than ever before. Oliver Cummings, Commercial Director at Capitalise, says, “Businesses are four times more likely to get funding with guidance from an accountant. Therefore, this partnership was a natural progression for both Clarity and Capitalise to embark upon. As we know, CBILS and furlough are coming to an end in January and March. So it makes sense that our first app partner integration allows advisors to get ahead and ensure their clients are given the best chance to succeed in 2021”.

Join us to learn more

Discover more about how the integration works practically for accounting firms and their clients at the launch event. This will take place on December 10th 12.30pm GMT:

This is a huge opportunity for accounting firms to generate additional revenue, build better relationships and to really help clients in their time of need. The partnership means that clients can get funding by clarity; powered by; at the click of a button.


More information

About Clarity: Clarity is a global platform that combines the power of cutting-edge technology and proven award-winning systems to enable accountants to create, package, price and deliver added-value business advisory services to their small business clients. By doing this, we help them increase profitable revenue, engage their team, free up time and create freedom.  At the same time helping their clients to do the same along the way.

About Capitalise helps accountants identify and uncover where to focus their efforts to grow their business advisory services. The platform removes the guesswork as to how to best help their clients raise, recover and protect capital. Our capital advisory solution brings together 100+ lenders, debt recovery and tax solutions into a single platform. Now accountants can open up the world of possibilities for their clients.

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