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Clarity updates with love on Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2022

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The latest updates from Clarity will remove the fear from business advisory; not only by giving your firm a service blueprint to follow, but by also gift wrapping tools to deliver on that blueprint.

Happy Valentine’s Day! What a fitting day for us to start our relationship (this being my first blog post and all). My name is Sean and I’m the new Head of Member Success here at Clarity. As such I get the exciting opportunity to share with you some of the amazing work the team has been putting in behind the scenes to not only improve our platform, but ultimately make your lives easier.

I started my love affair with Clarity 3 weeks ago but I’m only just starting to build relationships with our members, and I am so certain you will see too what has got me all doe-eyed about this platform and what it helps Accountants deliver. We all have different love languages and today our love language is that of gifts! I wanted to share with you some updates to the Clarity platform that we have lovingly prepared for you in direct response to your feedback.

Clarity Service Maps

Clarity Service Maps

We keep over delivering”, “We want to roll this out, but we don’t have a uniform structure to follow” – enter service maps!

With service blueprints now available within Clarity, you and your team will know exactly what to do, and when, to deliver for each client relevant to the suggested service level you are providing them. You no longer need to worry about your (sometimes free of charge) 45-minute consultation over running and becoming a 3-hour detailed financial planning meeting. You and your team can provide a structured advisory plan over the next 12 months ensuring all your clients are receiving the same great service they have come to expect from you.

Clarity Agendas

Clarity Agendas

We often hear feedback about confidence and setting client expectations, this is where proforma agendas can be so powerful!

Along with your new service maps, you now also have accompanying agendas. Each agenda has a client view and a firm view, your team can use the firm view as a step-by-step guide to deliver the meeting with confidence and sending the client agenda out 48 hours before the meeting (recommended tip) is a fantastic way to set expectations early. Making the end time clear is also a great way to keep meetings to time.

DealFlow multi boards

Clarity DealFlow Multi-boards

Continuing the theme of love and our new relationship I fear we may have created a problem; how are you going to manage and track all the new advisory work that you’ll be getting with these new service maps and agendas?

Well fear not, the honeymoon period is not over yet. You now also have the option to create multiple, customisable DealFlow boards! You and your team can track the progress of each of your clients, what’s happened and what to do next. Not just for advisory services but for funding too, and for any other services you offer, tax planning, prospective compliance clients, management reporting etc.

We made it easier to manage your advisory offering when we introduced DealFlow. At your request, with custom multi-boards, you can manage so much more!

So… as our first date draws to a close, I hope you’ve enjoyed your 3 courses of clarity updates. I know I’ve certainly enjoyed sharing them with you and if I can be so bold, I’m really looking forward to our second date…..

If you’re a Clarity member and have any questions, please don’t hesitate to:

If you’re not a member firm, find out how we help you make such a difference to your firm, your team and your clients ; effortlessly, powerfully and profitably, by booking a call here.

About Clarity

Effortless Advisory | Powerful Results

If you think Clarity is just a piece of software, you’re missing the point. It’s a mindset shift, a different way of doing business.

If you think Clarity is just about business advisory, you’re also missing the point. It’s way more than business advisory, it totally changes your firm’s story and that of your clients.

Finally, a joined-up platform that truly enables you to scale business advisory services within your firm.  It’s been built by accountants for accountants. Award-winning accountants that have small business within their DNA.

Revolutionary approach

Rather than take a traditional approach, we have completely revolutionised the business advisory process for small business owners. Our end-to-end business advisory platform and member success team give you:

  • the structure and processes to deliver;
  • build confidence and engage the team;
  • save time; and
  • do all of this is a way that ensures your small business clients finally ‘get it’.

All of which makes business advisory effortless and more profitable for the firm, at a price your small business clients can afford!

Most importantly we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee. So, if you don’t generate a 100% return within the first 30 days, we’ll give you your money back. No questions asked!

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