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Clarity's latest team member, Paul Dunn, needs no introduction .......

June 9, 2021

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When the stars align, you now the results are going to be out of this world! And when paths, that have criss-crossed so many times and for so many many reasons, finally converge - you know the best is yet to come! At Clarity®, we are over-the-moon delighted to welcome our newest team member, Paul Dunn. Paul will be the advocate-in-chief, or chief storyteller as it were, for our completely reimagined business advisory movement.

A legend in accounting

For those in the accounting industry, Paul needs little, or no, introduction. Working with accountants for over 30 years and often referred to the godfather of modern accounting, Paul was the first recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award for services to the accounting profession at the Accounting Excellence Awards. He is the author of the seminal book for professional services firms, The Firm of the Future with Ron Baker, and founder of Results Accountants Systems (RAS) with Ric Payne, an organisation that trained over 17,000 accountants from around the world, to tell better stories with numbers and dramatically change their lives and the lives of small business owners. And most recently, chairman of the ground-breaking giving movement B1G1, which has helped create over 230m giving impacts worldwide.

Accountants change lives

Paul knows that accountants change lives - the lives of their family, team and clients. For years, he was leading the way and showing accountants how they can, and do, just that. Many alumni of the legendary Accountants Bootcamp have incredible stories to tell about how Paul was pivotal in changing the direction of their firms and making a life-changing difference to them, their family, team and clients.

“I can’t justify the expense of a Big4, just yet. But Clarity has now given my accountant the tools to deliver the value and service of a KPMG, I’m in! You’ve created a client for life.” Mark Costello, Hubb Insure

Clarity now gives accountants the tangible 'how' to do just that, in a repeatable and consistent way. And with award-winning systems and processes and cutting-edge technology, we give you the tools to empower your entire team. And not just for the top 10/20% of clients, but for effectively all of your clients. Clarity helps you deliver a profitable business advisory service for the firm, by adding massive value to your small business clients, at a price the'd love to pay.

Better Business | Better Life | Better World

At Clarity, our purpose is to give every business owner clarity, clarity so that they can build a better business for themselves, a better life for the family and team and ultimately contribute to a better world.

“This is hands down the easiest software I've ever had to implement. And we generated £42k GFR from existing clients within the first two weeks. But, if you think that Clarity is just a piece of software, you’re missing the point. It’s a mindset, a different way of doing business and a shift in the way we talk about our firm to prospects and clients” Graeme Tennick, Tennick Accountants - Best Digital Accountants 2020

And that's why working with Paul makes so much sense. Our 'why's align. We both believe that accountants have the potential to make the biggest difference to this world. We know that small business owners cannot succeed without empowered advisors. And we know that small business power the global economy. They create employment, build communities and generate wealth. They solve some of the world's most meaningful problems. And by engaging with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, they can make a lasting difference to our planet. By creating more successful and sustainable small business owners, accountants truly can save the world!

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