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Coming soon: New Role management for streamlined project estimation

July 11, 2023

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We're expanding how you can manage roles in Float to supercharge your project planning. In March, we renamed the 'Job Title' field to 'Role' to encourage standardized team setups. Very soon, we'll be introducing a dedicated Roles management section within your Team Settings. From here, Admins and Account Owners can easily add, edit, delete, and merge roles for their team. This streamlines the governance of how your team uses Float by making it easier to manage your team's setup and workflows. Even better, setting up roles will enable you to take full advantage of upcoming project estimation and planning features later this year.

A preview of the manage roles page

A preview of where Roles will be in Team Settings

You can start thinking about how you'll set up your roles in Float today! As the best approach, we recommend that you consider the type of work that you usually plan in Float.

  • What roles does your team usually look for when planning project work?
    ✔️ Start adding these standard roles to your People page and on the Schedule, e.g., Copywriter, Producer, Frontend Developer, Art Director
    If you charge by seniority level, we recommend that you include this in the role name so that you can filter by people at different rate levels, e.g. Senior Art Director vs. Art Director
  • Are there specific skills that you usually look for when planning project roles?
    ✔️ Start to add these skills as Person tags and assign these to your team members, e.g., One person in a 'Designer' role might have a 'UX design' tag, whereas another person in a 'Designer' role might have an 'Illustration' tag.

When the new Roles management page is live, you'll be able to audit all of the roles and bulk-edit any changes at an account level.

After this release, we'll be adding the option to assign rates to roles and the ability to access roles data in your People and Project reports.

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