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Company Update AccountKit's pricing is changing this August

August 29, 2023

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On 22 August 2022 (or soon thereafter), AccountKit’s pricing will be changing for all new subscribers and any current subscribers who wish to switch to the new model.

This decision comes after a lot of consideration and conversations with customers wanting clearer and more consistent pricing. The new pricing structure will simplify the fee you pay for AccountKit and scale more evenly as your business grows.

We’ll also be rolling out an all-new Workflow tool and Knowledge Centre in the coming month, plus a refresh of the user interface to help you get more done faster, easier and more collaboratively.

New 3-step pricing

Our flexible new pricing allows you to build your AccountKit subscription in three steps:

1. Begin with the basics

For $50 AUD per month, your basic subscription gives you access to AccountKit’s core suite of tools, including:

  • Equipment Finance Tool
  • Inter-Entity Loan Reconciliation Tool
  • Division 7A Tool
  • Client Map Tool
  • Fuel Tax Credit Calculator
  • Amortisation Scheduler
  • Franking Account Register
  • Important Item Register
  • Professional Development Register
  • Other Calculators

What else does the basic subscription include?

  • Unlimited users (for the above tools)
  • Up to 10 Xero connections
  • Access to our suite of integrations

2. Top up your connections

Need more than 10 Xero connections? Additional connections can be added to your subscription in packs of 5. The more connections you have, the more you save.

Xero connection pack pricing

AccountKit - Price Update

For example, if you need 80 Xero connections with your subscription, your monthly fee automatically updates based on the number of connections as follows:

  • Basic subscription (including 10 connections): $50
  • 40 connections at $30 per pack of 5, resulting in 8 packs: $240
  • 30 connections at $28 per pack of 5, resulting in 6 packs: $168
  • Total per month: $458 *

*Prices are in AUD, excluding GST. Prices are equivalent in other regions, for example $30 NZD per pack of 5 connections per month for 11-50 connections.

3. Choose your add-ons

Want access to even more tools and features designed to take your business to the next level? Choose optional add-ons for your subscription:

  • Workflow: From $31* per user per month
  • Knowledge Centre (coming soon): From $4* per user per month
  • Correspondence Register: From $5* per user per month

Stay tuned for more updates about the new Workflow tool and Knowledge Centre in the coming weeks!

Frequently asked questions

I’m a current AccountKit subscriber. Will my monthly fee change?

Currently the pricing changes only apply to new subscribers. We’ll be working with current subscribers to discuss and transition to the new pricing over the coming 12 months.

If you wish to move to the new model sooner, there will be an option to see how the new pricing will apply to you on the subscription page in AccountKit, where you can approve the change.

What happens if I want to use AccountKit’s new tools and features?

New tools and features will only be available to buy via the new pricing model. If you’d like to sign up for the Workflow, Knowledge Centre or Correspondence Register, you’ll need to switch to and approve the new pricing via your subscription page in AccountKit for full access. You can still try the tools out before you make the decision to switch over your pricing though.

What if I move up or down a tier on the old pricing model, e.g. from small to medium? Will this trigger a switch over to the new pricing model?

No. Changing tiers will not prompt you to switch to the new pricing model. Subscribers on the old pricing model will have the same freebies, toggle tools and option to move up and down tiers based on the count of non-individual clients.

I have lots of Xero Organisations that I have access to, do they all count towards the subscription?

No. We only count a Xero connection from the moment you connect them to AccountKit and we're storing the Xero data for a client. So for example, when you first sign up you may have access to 300 Xero Organisations, but you only connect 20 to AccountKit. You only pay for these connections per the pricing table above. It truly aligns with where you're getting value at the point you connect and start to streamline your work.

Does that mean I can utilise as many of the tools in the base cost as I like once I've connected a Xero Organisation?

Yes. This is where you are going to get the best bang for buck. The more tools you utilise per connection, the better return on your investment. So if you're paying $6 for a connection in the first tier ($30 divided by 5), it becomes exceedingly easy to recoup and then exceed the connection cost the more you utilise the connection across the various tools.

I utilise the mail register, but it doesn't appear to be on the list above, what does this mean for me?

The mail register is being combined with the correspondence register so that all correspondence is in one place. If you want to just see the mail, we will have a view that filters by the mail correspondence type.

If I am using the mail register, but do not need the rest of the correspondence register functionality, does this mean I have to pay for the tool now?

No. We will make the mail register type available as part of the base cost. If you want the other functionality of the Correspondence Register such as emails, meeting notes, phone call summaries and the like, then you will need to turn it on.

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