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Dark nights and cold days won’t stop us. Explore November’s updates

December 2, 2021

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The nights are drawing in, the temperature’s dropping and we’re rolling ever closer to that time of the year... you know, the one with the bells, baubles and bad tunes. But here at Revolut, we’re not slowing down. We’ve been hard at work making your app the best it can be, so get stuck in and explore.

Check transfer fees easily upfront 🌍

Friends, family and loved ones around the world? We’ve made our foreign exchange fees more transparent than ever, so that you know exactly how much you’re spending when you send cash. Get full visibility of your transfer fees up front when you’re sending money globally. It’s that simple.

View net worth and add money easily 💰

The net worth widget lets you deep dive in to exactly what assets you’ve got and where they are. Get a detailed breakdown of your assets and liabilities by type. And now, you can tap on net worth and add money directly from the widget. Just tap a section in ‘Net worth’ and explore.

All our features, easily searchable 📱

Trying to get a million things done at once? Yeah, us too. So we wanted to make like a bit easier for you with our latest app feature. Find the features and products you’re looking for in seconds, without endless scrolling. Just tap the search bar and look up the feature you want to use. Sorted.

Find out which tokens are hot 🔥

Looking to invest in crypto? Want to know where to start? Our latest touch-ups are designed to help you keep up with the latest crypto trends. Find out which tokens have been the most popular to trade throughout each day and get in on the action. Don’t forget, investing in crypto puts your capital at risk.

Do more from our updated web app 🖥

Our web app has a bunch of brand new features. You can now make transfers, invest in crypto, and view your statements from your laptop or desktop. Remember, as with all investments, your capital is at risk.

Make online shopping easy with Shopper 🛍

We all love a bit of browsing online, whether it’s top brands or niche outlets. It’s easy to rack up a bigger bill than expected, but when it comes to finding discount codes and deals, Revolut Shopper does the hard work for you. We’ve made our Chrome web plug-in even easier to use. You can now enter your card details with a tap and you’re ready to go. Keep the costs down and the goods coming.

Explore every aspect of your plan in one place 💳

Hopefully, you already make the most of your plan’s many benefits, but just to be sure, you can now easily see them all in the new Plan Hub. It’s the place to go when you want to check how much of your allowances and limits you’ve used.

Kids can pay using Apple Pay 🍎

You asked us and we listened. Eligible kids using Revolut Junior can now hook their card up to their virtual wallet and pay using Apple Pay. Learning money skills for life is a breeze with Revolut Junior, and now it’s easier than ever for kids to get that little bit of independence they’re after.

That’s November wrapped up!

We know the winter months can feel long, but we won’t let the cold stop us from being the best we can be. Check in next month for more updates to light up your super app.

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