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Deskera + Wise team up to make international payments easier for small businesses

April 27, 2021

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We’re excited to announce that Deskera has integrated with Wise Platform to make international payments faster, easier and cheaper for small businesses.

Deskera is an all-in-one cloud based accounting software that helps small businesses run their business anytime, anywhere, from any device.

Since their launch in 2008, Deskera has focused on one thing 一 building an all-in-one cloud-based accounting software platform to make life easier for time strapped small businesses around the world. And they have. Today, Deskera is helping over 500,000 small businesses manage over USD 1 billion worth of business on their platform.

But as these businesses expand internationally they still face some hurdles when it comes to managing money across borders in multiple currencies. That’s why Deskera has teamed up with Wise.

How does the integration help small businesses scale internationally?

For small businesses, recording and making payments is a chore.

First, they need to record all bills. Then they need to make sure they pay on time, to avoid any late fees. Then, if it’s an overseas payment, they'd need to crunch the numbers 一 factoring in currency exchange rates, transfer charges, and forex gain/loss among other things.

It’s a pain. Unless they have the right tools.

Now, with Wise integrated right into Deskera, small businesses using Deskera can automate the entire process of making payments abroad — from creating bills by scanning documents, to setting up reminders for timely payments, to sending the actual payments — without having to worry about exchange rates, forex gain/loss, and high transaction fees.

Deskera lets small businesses create and manage a bill by simply scanning the document with their phone camera, or just add one in less than a minute, in any currency. It’s easy to track accounts payable in foreign currencies with Deskera Books.

Wise allows small businesses to make payments against international bills and purchase invoices without any hassle, and at up to 19X cheaper rates. Once the payment is processed, the accounts payable records are updated in Deskera Books automatically, with the appropriate exchange rates and forex gain/loss.

Small businesses don't have to spend another minute reconciling forex payments, or figuring out the best transaction fees.

Find out more about how the Wise integration works here.

Don't have a Deskera account? You can sign up here.

Don’t have a Wise account? You can sign up here.

What’s Wise Platform?

Wise Platform lets businesses offer their customers our much-loved international transfer experience, with the added convenience of not having to leave their app.

All transfers are sent using the real exchange rate, like the one on Google, and cost the customer only a small, upfront fee.

Alastair Thompson, Head of BD and Partnerships at Wise:

“Our mission at Wise is to make moving money faster, cheaper and easier for everyone, everywhere, including businesses.

“Though sending an email around the world today is fast, easy and nearly free, moving money across borders is still difficult, slow and expensive, disproportionately impacting the small and medium businesses who can least afford these delays and costs. This is particularly key today in a global economy where moving at internet speed and scale is no longer optional 一 it’s business critical.

“We are thrilled to be working with Deskera to build a new standard for these businesses and make life still easier for the hundreds of thousands of small businesses that already use the platform.”

Ansul Jain - Head of Partnerships at Deskera:

“Though often overlooked, small businesses form the backbone of every economy around the world accounting for 90 percent of businesses and up to 70 percent of global employment¹.

“At Deskera, our goal is to equip these small businesses with the technology and tools they need to manage their business no matter where they are in the world, especially as they look to scale in a global and connected economy.

This integration with Wise Platform enables to do just that quickly and easily. By tapping into Wise’s global infrastructure and network we can now unlock cross-border payments for small businesses without much addition and expensive build and to power their global ambitions.”

1. [International Council for Small Business 2019](

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