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Does one size fit all?

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Generally, if a product is described as “one size fits all” this means it can be suitable for, or used in, all circumstances i.e. it is intended to be suitable for everyone or every purpose.

However, to determine if one size does really fit all you need to consider the product we are referring to. When purchasing clothing labelled as one size fits all it could be appropriate for some items but not others. For example, it may work as a description for a poncho raincoat or an adjustable size hat, however for other items including shoes and jeans a specific size needs to be stated to ensure fit therefore one size does not fit all.

If we apply the term one size fits all to a cloud-based application or solution the assumption based on the above analogy would be the product is suitable or fit for every business purpose. However, as your clients trusted business advisor, when taking into consideration a client’s unique business processes and requirements you know there is no one solution to fit all their needs.

You may be able to suggest or select a one size fits all solution that might meet one or a few of their needs, however a better option is to create a bespoke ecosystem of proven cloud-based solutions. These applications will work together to ensure all their business needs are meet, now and into the future.

For example, if your client is a start-up, their current business requirements will be a lot different to their future requirements when they could be employing 100+ employees.

Xero understands that they cannot be the one size fits all solution to meet every business requirement, hence why they have partnered with hundreds of add-on apps including CloudPayroll in Australia and iPayroll in New Zealand. Most accounting solutions available are a strong fit to business match for accounting requirements however they may not meet requirements in job costing, inventory tracking, payroll and/or reporting etc. Through Xero’s App Marketplace you can research integrations partners they connect with as a starting point to building a clients application ecosystem.

Both CloudPayroll and iPayroll are proven cloud-based payroll solutions. They are easy-to-use and feature-rich, and suitable for all industries and business sizes from one employee to 100+ employees. They seamlessly integrate with Xero working together to cut processing times and improve business efficiencies.

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