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Earn extra rewards with Credit Cards

March 21, 2023

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We know you’ve been waiting for Revolut Credit Cards, which is why we’re working hard to make them available to more and more people. Now it’s time to dial up the excitement even further — want to learn more about the cool stuff that comes with having a Revolut Credit Card? Read on.

Who can apply for Credit Cards?

Credit Cards are currently available to existing Revolut customers in Poland, Lithuania, USA, and Ireland. We’ll soon be expanding to even more countries, so stay tuned on our social media channels or follow our blog to hear where Credit Cards are headed next.

How can I apply for a Revolut Credit Card?

Head to Credit Cards in-app or tap here to start an application. Fill in the questionnaire and provide all the information requested, and you’ll receive a decision in minutes!

What can you get with a Revolut Credit Card?

Now the fun part. Our credit cards come with plenty of benefits and a customised limit to suit your spending needs. Some highlights include:

  • Cashback rewards for all of your purchases
  • Additional cashback when you make your purchases with participating retailers using Revolut Rewards, Stays, and Shops (availability based on location)
  • No-fee money transfers to your other bank accounts, which could be useful when you need to deal with unplanned expenses
  • No foreign exchange fees for overseas spending, mondays to friday
  • Free card delivery
  • Disposable virtual cards for more secure online shopping
  • Once approved, start spending immediately with our virtual card or by adding the credit card to your mobile wallet
  • Instantly freeze your card in-app in case it’s lost/stolen
  • Automatic repayments so you’ll never miss any bills

    Please visit the websites below for more information about what our credit cards offer:

What additional benefits do I get if I’m a Metal customer?

All the advantages that you get with your Metal card will still apply to your Credit Card, including your travel insurance and shopping protection benefits.

In addition to these cool perks, you’ll also benefit from:
- A free Metal credit card (for the first card ordered)
- The ability to top up your total cashback from credit card cashback

For more information on your paid plan you can visit here for more details.

What are you waiting for? Sign up now for your first Revolut Credit Card or stay tuned for more news.

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