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Effortless B2B eCommerce with B2B Wave and Xero Start receiving B2B orders in no time

Selling online for wholesalers is a tricky business. Different prices per product, private categories, exclusive deals. B2B Wave makes it easy.
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To fully reap the benefits of online B2B selling, integrating your B2B eCommerce platform with your Xero account is of the essence. It makes everything more efficient; from your daily business operations to your sales team to the customer ordering process. 

B2B Wave is a powerful all-in-one B2B e-Commerce platform, exclusively made for wholesale distributors and brands. With B2B Wave you can get your B2B eCommerce portal up and running by easily importing your Xero data (products and customers), inviting customers, and automating invoice creation. Your customer’s experience can be fully personalised with different price lists and privacy settings, and use the sales rep feature to let them manage orders on behalf of their customers.


In addition to Xero integration B2BWave also connects with several payment and inventory systems and with over 2,000+ apps through Zapier — in addition to custom-built integrations should you feel creative, you can also use the B2B Wave API.

User-friendly B2B eCommerce experience

The all-in-one B2B eCommerce solution will streamline the wholesale order management process with an attractive, user-friendly, wholesale private website where retailers can log in, place orders, and find out about new product offerings and what’s currently on sale.

PDF catalogue generation

B2B Wave allows you to instantly accept orders through your own wholesale website, import and manage products on your B2B eCommerce website quickly, generate easily fully customized PDF catalogs for a single customer, a group of customers, specific product categories, and much more.

Localisation features

In today’s international world, localisation is a must. You can easily use B2B Wave for selling abroad (even in a different language). We support creating price lists and invoices in different currencies, assigning customers to different VAT schemes, and even assigning different Xero invoice templates to each customer

Mobile app and sales rep management

With the quick import of a spreadsheet, you can immediately start managing your retailers and other B2B customers, including assigning customers to a sales rep and allowing sales reps to place orders on behalf of customers.

Through the B2B Wave new sales reps mobile app you can further streamline your order management and empower your sales reps to deliver superior results by dramatically reducing the time it takes sales them to manage new and existing orders.


B2B Wave values customer relations and we’ll do our best to thoroughly understand your business and help you get the most out of the integration. Our friendly support team is available 24/7 to help with urgent issues and with product-related questions.

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