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Effortless payment allocation for MYOB Exo users: Introducing MYOB Exo Sales Order Payment Write-Back

July 26, 2023

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Picture this: a successful Sales Order payment has been made – and just like magic, the system swiftly takes care of the rest—no more tedious manual work to allocate payments, no more wasted time.

Introducing ezyCollect’s new feature: MYOB Exo Sales Order Payment Write-Back.

How it works

GIF showing ezyCollect's sales order payment write back process for MYOB Exo

When you generate a Sales Order in MYOB Exo, a Sales Order PDF is generated, complete with an automatic “Pay Now” button for a hassle-free payment experience. Your customers can then make instant full or partial payments via Simplypaid, and our system will handle the rest. Deposits are allocated effortlessly, with each successful payment creating a corresponding deposit record in your MYOB Exo system.

Automate Deposit Allocation for Seamless Payments

ezyCollect + Simplypaid’s new feature empowers MYOB Exo users to automate deposit allocation, ensuring that payments made through Simplypaid are promptly and accurately assigned to the appropriate customer records. Say hello to streamlined efficiency, and say goodbye to manual headaches.

Boost Efficiency and Save Valuable Time

Time is a precious resource in any business, and we understand the need to make the most of it. By implementing MYOB Exo Sales Order Payment Write-Back, you can save significant time and resources previously spent on manual payment allocation. Now, you and your team can shift your focus towards high-value tasks that drive growth and success. The result? Increased productivity and streamlined operations!

Enhance Customer Experience and Strengthen Relationships

Happy customers are the lifeblood of any thriving business. With smooth and efficient payment handling, you can ensure that your customers enjoy a hassle-free experience when making Sales Order payments via Simplypaid. Enhancing the customer experience paves the way for stronger relationships and repeat business opportunities.

Upgrade your MYOB Exo experience today

Streamline your payments, boost efficiency, and delight your customers with MYOB Exo Sales Order Payment Write-Back. This feature is now available to all ezyCollect users using MYOB Exo. Speak with your Customer Success Manager to learn how to use this feature for free.

Not using ezyCollect for MYOB Exo yet?

Book a demo today, and let our experts show you how accounts receivable automation can transform your cash flow for the better. Discover the ease of automated deposit allocation and witness firsthand the efficiency it brings to your business.

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