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Ekos Continues to Elevate Its Craft Beverage Business Management Software with Yeast Management and Sales Forecasting

November 2, 2023

New Product Features Offer Effortless Brewing Consistency and Strategic Planning

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Ekos, the leading craft beverage business management software provider since 2014, announces two enhancements to its core product: Yeast Management and Sales Forecasting. These newest feature additions enhance Ekos’ full production-to–sales collaboration process and pair well with other key areas of Ekos for maximized efficiency and transparency across the entire beverage lifecycle.

Ekos offers a simplified, end-to-end solution with real-time visibility, mobility, and key integrations that give breweries, wineries, cideries and other craft beverage producers an easier way to manage and build their businesses—in one, integrated, mobile solution. Yeast Management and Sales Forecasting are game-changing capabilities, giving producers greater insights into key parts of production, sales and distribution for data-informed decisions and planning and more consistent beverages.

Highly-anticipated Yeast Management gives brewers the ability to track yeast lineage and manage yeast handling details, such as every yeast strain’s status and history, yeast generations in a family tree, and detailed logging. Sales Forecasting enables brewers to dynamically plan resources, production and inventory with precision and less waste. When combined with the historical sales data in Sales Dashboard, Inventory Forecasting, Production Planner, and other key features, it’s easy for every team to plan, forecast and collaborate on making awesome products.

“Our vision at Ekos is to digitize the craft supply chain, and one of the ways we do that is by focusing on sales and production, making sure customers have the necessary tools to attack supply chain concerns, or better, proactively get ahead of issues,” says Josh McKinney, president at Ekos. “The more we can remove manual methods and reveal insights that help customers brew smarter and efficiently, the more profitable and sustainable they become, and crafting becomes fun. Yeast Management, Sales Dashboard, and Sales Forecasting save incredible amounts of time and lead to better planning and higher-quality products.”

Yeast Management and Sales Forecasting are now usable within the Ekos product at no additional cost to customers. Other recent Ekos product updates include Sales Dashboard and Fermentation History.

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