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Employee Expense Trends Help You Understand Staff Productivity and Flag Quiet Quitters

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At ExpenseOnDemand we are always keen to ensure our solution is current and flexible. We recently commissioned an extensive survey of business leaders* to understand how firms around the globe are utilising their technology subscriptions to manage their business, staff, and monitor trends across their industry.

As a global expenses app, ExpenseOnDemand monitors trends in business expense management to ensure that our cutting-edge technology always complements business requirements and helps control and manage employee expenses throughout the year.  These trends can also give business leaders insights into how their staff are performing as there are changes in expenses.

Employee expenses can give a true overview of how active an employee is, especially when staff are working remotely, making it harder to manipulate than other software monitoring. A good example here would be a reduction in entertainment, mileage, or business travel claims, highlighting less activity from a client-facing employee - even early signs of ‘quiet quitting’.

‘Quiet quitting’ is a new trend across social media where employees take a softer approach to outrightly resigning. Rather than employees quitting jobs, they quit the idea of going above and beyond. Unhappy with some aspect of their current company or specific role, they decide to only do the bare minimum which can be hard to spot especially, if the employee is working from home or hybrid working.

Employee’s ‘quiet quitting’ even if they’re unhappy in roles and doing the bare minimum to show a perception of productivity, is costing businesses billions with firms struggling to effectively monitor remote workers. Many are using software monitoring such as HiBob or Insightful - or even Microsoft Teams which easily shows if an employee is active or not.

Employee expenses, however, are harder to manipulate and what is more, many employees won’t consider firms monitoring these for productivity trends. At ExpenseOnDemand, we know that employee claims have always been difficult to monitor and manage especially, when Expense Management at large workforces are underpinned by long and often manual processes.

Whether you employ 5 or 500 people, it has become imperative that you source the right technology to automate as many business processes as possible to protect your business and staff from problems that are caused through remote working.

This is why at ExpenseOnDemand, our innovative technology has the objective of helping firms automate processes, spot duplicate receipts, and easily authenticate claims - often saving them thousands or even millions in costs every year. Our platform also saves accounting staff and employees hours of time as it automates the whole expense process allowing staff to get paid quicker and claim more accurately.

“ExpenseOnDemand has made it easier for our employees to make claims quickly especially because it is on a phone. When they have a receipt, they just need to take a picture and upload and it is done. They get paid quicker and we can monitor the expenses much more efficiently than our previous expenses process.”

Mike – Specific Interiors Ltd

At ExpenseOnDemand we also offer a 30-day free trial, with the option to sign up for our “pay as you use” model, allowing our clients to have flexibility and reassurance that they are not tied into a long-term commitment.

How ExpenseOnDemand benefits businesses and their staff?

ExpenseOnDemand works seamlessly with staff working remotely or hybrid.  Employees no longer need to send paper claims to claim their expenses and they can benefit from all the following:

  • Claimants and Approvers can use the app within minutes.
  • Photograph receipts and submit & approve expenses in seconds.
  • Approvers can view and manage all historical claims.
  • ExpenseOnDemand ensures no duplicates with any employee claims.
  • Expenses can be made in any currency.
  • Finance can choose from 100+ functions.  

*Research commissioned by Research without Barriers – June 2022

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