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Empowering Change: – Uniting Tech and Generosity to Fight Injustice

August 16, 2023

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In a world where injustice still persists, the team here at Expensify wanted to take a step forward to create a lasting social impact in our communities. Through our 501c3 charity, our company has initiated a transformative movement aimed at solving some of society’s most pressing issues. In this blog post, we will explore the core values of Expensify Inc, the mission behind, and how Inc’s technology is utilized to support Org’s volunteers around the world. Additionally, we will delve into the latest campaign, “Teachers Unite,” and provide readers with ways to contribute and make a meaningful difference.

The Values of Expensify Inc

Expensify Inc is driven by a vision that extends far beyond expense management. Our fundamental belief in creating a fair and just world, where everyone has the opportunity to Live Rich, Have Fun, and Save The World, sets us apart as an organization that is committed to bringing about real change. This vision doesn’t involve empty gestures or hollow words; rather, it focuses on addressing systemic problems and supporting others to live their lives to the fullest, irrespective of the obstacles they face.

Expensify Inc’s values are rooted in building a strong global community, collaborating to care for those in need, and promoting equitable influence. By leveraging our position and influence we recognise that we can actively contribute to the betterment of society, tackling issues like climate change, racial inequalities, and food insecurity. This approach emphasizes a collective responsibility to make the world a better place, irrespective of individual backgrounds or circumstances.

The Mission of is a powerful manifestation of Expensify Inc’s commitment to social justice. The mission of is two-fold:

  1. to connect donors with the real-world impact of their contributions
  2. to facilitate trust, emotional connection, efficiency, and generosity in all charitable giving.

The charity serves as a bridge between those who want to help and those who are actively working towards solving social justice issues.The charity harnesses Expensify’s financial collaboration tool, allowing the community to seamlessly donate to the causes they care about while understanding precisely how their contributions are being utilized. Furthermore, every dollar donated by you, is matched by Expensify Inc, doubling the impact of each contribution and amplifying the fight against injustice.

How Expensify Inc’s Technology Supports today

Expensify Inc’s expense management platform plays a vital role in supporting’s mission. Through the platform, individuals can easily capture receipts and submit expenses for approval, streamlining financial processes for various organizations, including nonprofits. This technology is therefore supercharging a connection between volunteers, recipients, and donors, transforming each reimbursement into a powerful story of community.Rather than making direct payments to nonprofit organizations, chooses to reimburse the individual volunteers directly, who regularly spend their own money to make the world more just (eg. foster parents, teachers, community groups, beach cleanups etc). The platform’s expense auditing functionality ensures transparency and traceability for each transaction, fostering a sense of accountability and trust among all stakeholders involved in the charitable process.

“Teachers Unite” – a game-changer for educators around the world

One of’s latest campaigns launching this Labour Day 2023 is focused on supporting educators who selflessly spend their own money to provide essential school supplies for their students. The campaign addresses the severe educator shortages and underfunding that exists in many schools, as well as the inherent injustice of educators having to subsidize their students’ needs.According to the National Health Association (US), over 90% of teachers spent their own money on school supplies in 2022, with the average educator spending around $500 out-of-pocket annually. “Teachers Unite” aims to alleviate this burden by matching 50% of the cost of essential school supplies for teachers, thereby enabling them to continue their essential work without facing undue financial strain. Check for more details closer to launch date on September 4th.

How You Can Support

Joining the movement to support is an opportunity for every individual to contribute to a fairer and more just world. There are several ways readers can make a difference:

  • Use the Expensify Card: Every swipe of the card will donate 10% of the interchange to, which makes every purchase you make a small step towards a greater cause.
  • Turn on Karma Donations: By enabling Karma Donations under Settings > Policies > Subscriptions. $1 will be donated for every $500 of expenses added, providing a continuous stream of support.
  • Refer volunteers to help us Save The World. Head over to to find out more.

Conclusion embodies our commitment to a better world through technology, generosity, and compassion. By uniting our core values with our mission, we empower change-makers to combat injustice. However, we couldn’t do it without you.

Nelson Mandela once said, “We must use time wisely and forever realize that the time is always ripe to do right”. We invite all Expensify members to become a part of our transformative movement, shaping a more equitable and inclusive future for everyone.

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