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Explore the Benefits of Linking Xero with vWork

vWork is cloud-based job scheduling and dispatch software for businesses that have a mobile workforce.

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Creating a connected network of tools and processes that help power your business is one of those things that people can do, but often don’t think about.

However, the value it brings to any given business or organization is huge, especially when compared to older methods of working that tend to involve multiple, unconnected tools, and manual processes that slow down work. It also reduces the risk of costly human errors.

That’s why vWork has made it easy to integrate with Xero. 

Sam Edmond, Head of Marketing at vWork says:

“Creating an easy integration with Xero makes it possible for people to take advantage of instant invoicing, which helps you get paid faster. But it’s more than that, customers can see exactly what they owe while the driver is still there, which can speed up any disputes.”

This holistic view of your business not only helps you understand whether you’re leaving money on the table in certain circumstances, but also gives you insight into what’s going on in the rest of your business. On top of that, you’re also improving the way you work.

With connected tools, you’re creating a way to work that removes a lot of unnecessary steps. Think about invoicing, for example. When you’re on a job, like making a delivery, rather than pulling out a clipboard, filling in the details, getting someone to sign it, then waiting until you’re back at the office to finalize the invoice, you can open an app on your phone, like vWork, click the “job complete” button and the system automatically does the paperwork and sends in the invoice.

Edmond said: “Automated processes like this don’t just make things easier for people. They remove a lot of unnecessary paperwork, while also making sure you’re not moving the same pieces of information around between different tools or even worse, entering data multiple times. Among other things, this helps remove the risk of human error from your processes, meaning you’re not losing time sending the same invoice with different details or even waiting weeks for payment on an invoice that someone forgot to file.”

The end result is that your customers are happier because they don’t have to get errors fixed and they can receive their invoices instantly, rather than waiting. 

Edmond adds: “From a business perspective, you’ve got fewer people handling invoices and other documents like that, so you’re working more efficiently overall. Plus, when you remove all the unnecessary steps and people from the process, your staff is able to better focus on their jobs, which is ultimately serving customers.”

An added bonus of having one complete view of everything through Xero is that it’s easier to hone in on what kinds of jobs make you the most money. Having this perspective lets you move away from jobs, or customers, that aren’t adding the same kind of value to your business. 

Edmond says: “When you understand the whole view of your business, you can make highly informed decisions that help you better serve your customers and make more money for your business. Rather than guessing, you have hard data to base important business decisions on.”

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