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Extend Xero’s capabilities and better manage complex group reporting

With its new customisable dashboard, group global search and transactional drill down, the Joiin platform will superpower your multi-entity reporting.
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Before exploring how our Joiin platform’s new group reporting features extend Xero’s capabilities and amplify your financial data (although you can take a quick look at the box below), there has been a boom in Xero-connected apps. So, let’s first look at what is driving market demand.

There have never been so many awesome connected apps on the Xero App Marketplace, meaning there’s always an app to enhance your Xero and work, enabling you to build a sophisticated finance system around Xero itself easily.

Only last year, Joiin took part in a fantastic webinar series run by our app partner, Mayday, on how to build an enterprise-level system with Xero – aimed at helping CFOs and their teams. The webinar series highlighted a market demand right now – people like you are looking for ways to scale a Xero set-up to meet the needs of your growing business(es).

It’s widely believed that Xero-connected apps are great (excellent news as Joiin is a connected app). But as an app vendor at Joiin, we’re ever mindful of how we must develop our platform for the market and what our customers want, to deliver a powerful app that works your data hard to simplify the complex nature of group reporting.

Recently, three drivers have shaped how we’ve been developing our Joiin platform – all of which have come from market insights and feedback from customers, app partners, or business partners, helping us to move forward confidently:

  • At the heart of it, there is a need amongst customers for seamlessness; not only how easily apps connect to Xero and maintain the integrity of data, but also how they look and feel, providing familiarity with the Xero user experience and sticking to shared values such as simplicity and ease of use.
  • There is a need for centralised control and a desire for apps that treat Xero as the hero and can support it wholeheartedly, enhancing the systems and processes already integral to a business’s Xero usage.
  • People are mindful of costs and want to see app pricing models such as all-you-can-eat (you get everything for one fair price) and ones that scale sensibly (say, as more entities are added) to maintain cost control across multiple deployed apps.

Our new feature development approach at Joiin

At Joiin, we thoroughly acknowledge what’s currently driving the market: we’re mindful of the need for seamlessness between Xero and our Joiin platform, we understand people’s need for centralised control of their data, and that these people are rightly cost-conscious.

Alongside the above drivers, we’re also led by our customers, who had been asking us specific questions throughout 2023, and we’ve since worked with them to deliver against popular requests, such as:

  • How can I get transactions into Joiin and drill down into these?
  • Can you help me find Xero transactions amongst my masses of data easily?
  • How can I quickly see my headline data on one Joiin screen?

Effectively, we were tasked with finding ways for our customers to achieve more control over their data and get more from it. The challenge was accepted, and we set about delivering new features that let you move from real-time headlines to intricate drill-downs into your data, delivering a rounded experience that works your data harder and makes group financial reporting much easier.

This led us to better integration with your Xero transactions – to make life easier when looking for the documents you need – alongside a Global Search feature that lets you find and drill down into these documents. At the same time, we’ve introduced customisable dashboards that enhance your data visually, bringing it to life in easily digestible golden nuggets of insight.

A quick note about our pricing

Before we look at our new features, I want to emphasise that, with Joiin, you get all features for one low-cost subscription price. We never charge for feature add-ons – to repeat you get everything for one price – with our pricing based on the number of group entities you upload to Joiin. For example, it costs from just £16/month for two entities and £50/month for ten entities, with options from less than £1 per entity for 200 entities and beyond.

Joiin’s new features – extending Xero’s capabilities and working your data harder

Feature #1: Global search:

With our Joiin platform, you’ve always been able to connect to Xero seamlessly and quickly – literally within minutes – and that hasn’t changed. With your say-so, when connecting to Joiin, you can now automatically upload your transactions from Xero to Joiin.

Once your transactional data is in Joiin, you can search for and find any transaction you need with our new, powerful Global Search feature.

The look and feel of search results are similar to what you’d expect in Xero. For example, you can see all your transactions in one place, presented as lists based on your account categories, which brings a welcome familiarity to the data being presented.

How does Global Search work your data harder?

Because our Joiin platform helps you manage group reporting, Global Search lets you see all your transactions in one place, meaning you can easily keep better tabs on complex, multi-entity finances.

Feature #2: Transactional drill-downs:

Moreover, you can drill down into specific transactions from a search, seamlessly opening any related documents in Xero via a hyperlink.

Drill-downs into transactional data can also be achieved from any report generated in Joiin.

Our new drill-down feature is designed to work in the same way as you would link to transactions in a Xero account transaction report, providing a more seamless user experience across the two platforms.

How do drill-downs work your data harder?

While group reporting you now have instant access to every transaction, across all your entities, within Joiin.

Feature #3: Customisable dashboards:

Our platform’s all-new Joiin dashboard automatically pulls together your critical metrics in one place.

The dashboard is completely customisable, however. With our powerful interface, you can tweak and create your dashboard your way, precisely showing what you want to see, wherever you are.

Reporting widgets can be configured using a variety of KPIs, chart types and filters and can be moved and re-sized using drag and drop.

How does a customisable dashboard work your data harder?

Our dashboard brings new life to your data and how you use it for group reporting. See your data at a glance, with a highly visual one-page financial overview, meaning you can easily stay updated with the metrics that matter most to you.

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