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Fathom joins The Access Group

August 24, 2022

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When Dan, Geoff and I started Fathom 12 years ago, we were motivated to build a product that would help both businesses and their advisors.

We founded Fathom with the goal of helping our customers build better businesses by empowering them to better understand their numbers, make informed business decisions, and accurately plan for the future. We’re proud of what we’ve built. And we’re honoured to continue helping our customers move forward with confidence.

Today, we’re sharing the next chapter in the Fathom journey. We’re excited to announce that we’re joining The Access Group.
[Read the press release here]

Fathom will continue to support businesses and advisors with continued innovation and exceptional customer care. We see this next step as an exciting opportunity to be part of something bigger.

12 years of building momentum

From the outset, we’ve known that building a quality product is a marathon, not a sprint. For the past 12 years, the customer segments we serve and the problems we’re solving for them have remained the same. No pivots. No changes in vision. We’ve stayed the course of our original mission and business plan.

During this period our strategy has remained simple — to deliver the best-in-class product paired with the best-in-class customer service. Day in, day out, on repeat.

Along the way, we’ve been privileged to assemble an amazing team, collaborate with extraordinary partners and innovate to meet our customers' needs.

Some highlights so far

With every incremental update, the value of our product has become more compelling. Our product and engineering teams have innovated to craft unique solutions to some of the most complex problems in the financial management space.

Our customer service offering has evolved. On a solid foundation of customer support, we added engagement, account management, and product education functions. These teams work diligently to set our customers up for success and demystify complexity.

We formed valuable partnerships with leading software platforms and industry bodies, such as Xero, Intuit, MYOB, CAANZ and ACCA.

We discovered new channels to market and additional ways to support accountants, bookkeepers, CFOs, and business managers.

We assembled a remarkable global team with offices established in 🇦🇺 Australia, 🇺🇸 US, 🇬🇧 UK and 🇵🇭 the Philippines.

Most importantly, today we count it a privilege to support 62,000+ businesses across 81 countries.

The next chapter

Today we are taking a significant step in our journey as we join The Access Group. This is an exciting opportunity to take Fathom to the next level.

Access has a 25-year track record of providing class-leading business management software to thousands of organisations. Their portfolio spans Finance, HR, Payroll, Hospitality, Recruitment, Health & Social Care, Manufacturing & Distribution, Education and Not-for-Profit sectors.

Like Fathom, seeking to empower business success is embedded in The Access Group’s DNA, which affirms our belief that this is the right next step for Fathom, our employees, and importantly, our customers.

Since day one, Dan, Geoff and I have made setting up our customers for success our top priority. Today, we’re confident that our acquisition by Access will advance that mission. The Access Group’s experience, investment, and resources will help Fathom continue its global growth trajectory.

Fathom Founders

While our ownership is changing, the Fathom platform will stay the same. It’s the same powerfully simple product, the same exceptional customer support, and the same name you know and love.

We know our customers and partners appreciate consistency and continuity as much as they like new features and functionality. We’ll be continuing on the same course as we move forward with The Access Group, and we’ll keep you updated as things progress.

We’re excited to keep serving our customers, those courageous business managers and mission-critical advisors. Thank you to our customers, industry partners, and team for taking this exciting step forward with us.

We look forward to the next chapter of the journey!

David Watson, Dan Walls and Geoff Cook
Fathom Co-Founders

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