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Figured Insights - the most important new product we have ever released

December 4, 2020

This week we’re releasing the most important new product in our history - the world's first agri data platform.
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Figured Insights is the first agri-specific tool for the farming team that makes it simple to explore, analyse, and understand the financial performance of all the farms in your organisation. Since the very beginning of our journey at Figured we’ve spoken with our partners about the need to benchmark and compare farms against their peers, as a critical tool in offering advisory services. We’re very excited the day has come that we’re ready to start sharing this with you.

The current state of data analysis tools for farms just isn’t good enough to support the future of agriculture. It’s too expensive to collect and prepare information, and generic products like Excel or PowerBi are too complex and inflexible to provide dynamic advisory services to customers. Worst of all - because of the time it takes to prepare benchmarking reports, it means that data is woefully out of date by the time anyone reads it. Farming is such a future focussed industry, and the backwards looking patchwork tools of today aren’t going to cut it anymore.

Figured Insights will be so much faster, cheaper, and so much more powerful, that the idea of building your own technology stack will be firmly consigned to history! We’re so excited to see what you can do with our offering.

Figured Insights is a whole new way of looking at your farms. It’s seamlessly integrated with Figured & Xero to instantly bring accurate real time financial information, both actual and planned - You can analyse profitability, production, and segment by production, performance, location - instantly. And we’re building beautiful visual reports and dashboards designed specifically to explore Dairy, Livestock, and Cropping operations with all your operational and financial data in one place.

Figured Insights not only makes it incredibly fast to report on the real-time data across all of your farms, but it takes things to the next level with future focussed predictive modelling. You can now better plan for everything that the world can throw at farmers by stress testing their response to events.

Late next year, we’ll even be opening up the ability to add your own existing data-sets, to unlock all the value of the historic knowledge built up in your business - and we’ve designed it to report across thousands of farms instantly with lightning fast reports. And not only does it offer a whole new experience for advisors, Figured Insights will be deeply integrated into our planning and forecasting tools to make planning simpler than ever for your customers.

We design every single product at Figured from the ground up to protect your data and give you complete control over how your important financial information is used - we’re not in the business of using your data to publish benchmarks to make ourselves look clever, we’ll leave that to the experts - and we can’t wait to see what you’re going to do with Figured Insights.

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