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Flowlens Product Updates – March/April 2023

April 26, 2023

All the latest updates and bug fixes to Flowlens.

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Flowlens Task Templates – Projects
An update was made to include the ability to create a task template against Projects so every time a Project is made, a task is created and assigned to a specific user. This can be done by going to Settings > Task Templates > + New Task Template, and selecting ‘Projects’ from the ‘Task Model’ dropdown.

Addition of ‘Project Manager’ filter on Projects Index page
A filter for ‘Project Manager’ has been added to the Projects Index page. This enables users to quickly search for projects assigned to a specific manager.

Form templates – Parts
An enhancement has been made against form templates so they can now be used against Parts. To set up a form template for parts go to Settings > Form Templates > + New Form Template > enter a form name and check the ‘Parts’ checkbox. Once this is set up it means that any time you create/view a part and go to its Forms tab, you will have the option of adding the part form that was created in form templates.

Addition of ‘Active’ filter on the Asset on Hand at Date Report
A filter for ‘Active’ has been added to the Asset on Hand at Date report. This allows users to easily search for assets that are active/archived on the system, on a particular date.

Project Checklist – Permission update
We previously had an issue where users with ‘Operations’ permissions were unable to complete, edit and incomplete Project checklists against a Project. This has been updated so users with this permission are now able to perform all those actions against the Project.

Sales Order Line item report – ‘Adjusted Quantity’ column
On the Sales Order Line Item report we have added a column for ‘Adjusted Quantity.’ This allows users to easily see the exact breakdown of clear-downs were performed against sales orders on the system.

Added validation to ‘Timesheets’ to make user a required field
To fix a bug, we added validation when creating/editing a timesheet so that ‘User’ is now a required field. Previously when this was not required it meant that users could submit a Timesheet without a specified ‘User’ which resulted in an error message when the Timesheet CSV was downloaded.

Sales Forecast Index – added filter for Company Type
On the Sales Forecast Index we added a multi-select filter for ‘Company Type’ to help users refine their searches more accurately.

Sales Quote and Sales Order PDF – formatting updates
We have made changes to the sales quote and sales order PDFs to improve the formatting, particularly when many characters are being displayed.

Added validation to Sales Quote ‘Quote Date’ fieldTo fix a bug around sales Quotes being able to have a Quote Date of nil which resulted in an error when trying to download the PDF, we added some validation to the ‘Quote Date’ field on the new/edit sales quote modal.

Sales Quote permissions update
Previously when a user who had sales own (and base user) permissions tried to create a sales quote for a configurable part, they were unable to make the configurations on the quote. This has been fixed so now they have the ability to make their selections with configuration options and view it.

Part Movement Report – update to show only tracked stock
An update has been made to the Part Movement Report so now we only show movements of parts that have ‘track stock’ set to ‘yes.’ Previously all parts were showing on this report, regardless of whether track stock was set to yes or no.

Australian Locale – Invoice updates
New functionality was added to the system so that when a Customer is set up with Australian Locale, the appropriate terms are displayed e.g. Sales invoice is translated to ‘Tax Invoice’, VAT is translated to GST

Bug fix on Countries status filter in Settings
Previously when a user went to Settings > Countries and archived a country, then when they used the ‘Status’ filter to search for inactive countries, the archived country wasn’t displaying. This has now been fixed and when a country is archived, it shows when the ‘Inactive’ status filter is applied.

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